Decorative glass

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Decorative glass manufacturers China


  1. Multiple options of decoration glass products;
  2. High strength & safety;
  3. Accurate size and easy installation;
  4. Long lifespan.
  1. Hotel decorations;
  2. Windows & doors;
  3. Partition walls; 
  4. Other interior designs, etc

Decorative glass types:

  1. Fluted glass (reeded glass or ribbed glass);
  2. Color laminated glass;
  3. Ceramic frit glass;
  4. Digital printing glass;
  5. Frosted glass;
  6. Mirrors;
  • Price: 0.99~89.9 USD/ SQM .
  • Lead time: 15~20 days.
  • Packing: Strong wood crates.

About Decoration Glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Decorative Glass enables you to add style and elegance to your home or office incorporating a range of options such as: patterned glass, stained glass, fluted glass, bevel mirror to create a distinctive look.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Decorative Glass Properties

  • Single glass thickness: 4mm~15mm;
  • Max size: 2600*7500mm;
  • Glass color: clear, ultra clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc;
  • Glass type: Fluted glass; patterned glass; frosted glass; stained glass; decorative mirrors, digital printed glassceramic frit glass, etc;
  • Process: Cutting, toughening, acid etching, sandblasting, laminating, insulating, heat soaked testing, etc;
  • Shape: flat / curved;
  • Capacity: 3000 SQM/DAY;
  • Certification: CE & ASTM.

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