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safety glass

How many types of safety glass do you know?

Safety glass with additional safety features that make glass less likely to break, or less likely to be a threat when broken. Do you know what the main safety glazing is? What are their differences? Click this article you will know.

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laminated glass delamination

5 Reasons Why PVB Laminated Glass Delamination and Solutions

Laminated glass is widely used for glass railing, glass windows & doors, as safety glass, it has very high impact resistance. However, sometimes we may notice some bubbles appearing on the laminated glass’s edge — laminated glass delamination. Do you know why? Please click the article then you will know.

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smart glass partition wall

FAQ of smart glass (2020)

This article will discuss about some of FAQ for smart glass. Such as how to use smart glass, where to use smart glass, how to control the smart glass switching, etc.

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