7 types of excellent bathroom glass that you might be interested in 2022

7 types of bathroom glass you might be interested in

7 types of excellent bathroom glass that you might be interested in 2022

7 types of bathroom glass you might be interested in

No matter for hotels or residential buildings, bathroom glass designs have always been a focal part of architectural designs. Today we will show you the most popular shower guard glass designs which you could refer to when you are designing your shower enclosure projects!

1, Monolithic toughened glass

Clear monolithic toughened glass is the most popular type of shower guard glass. Normally 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm clear color toughened glass is adopted because of its super high clearance which will cause a good sense of space in the room, and its super high strength & safety function. Of course, tinted glass shower doors and low iron shower glass are good choices.

The key point for this type of shower glass would be controlling the tempered glass quality which is detailed described in another article. In the meantime, tempered glass distortion also should be paid attention to as it will influence the visual esthetic feelings. Tempered glass distortion should be controlled on a minimized scale.

Bathroom glass
monolithic shower enclosure glass

2, Frosted monolithic toughened glass

Frosted shower enclosures will make you feel more mysterious and private.

Frosted monolithic toughened glass is generally realized by two glass processing methods: sandblasting & acid etching.

For sandblasting glass, the surface is rough and fingerprints will be left behind when you tough it. Difficult to clean but it is currently the most economical style of frosted effect glass.

Acid-etched glass, however, has a good smooth surface which is also easy to clean. But the price is relatively higher than sandblasted glass.

If you have a good budget allowance, acid etched glass is no doubt preferred for obscure satin designs!

Frosted opaque glass shower screen
Frosted opaque glass shower screen

3, Patterned toughened glass

Patterned toughened glass can offer varieties of patterns for glass shower bathrooms, such as fluted glass, waterfall glass, diamond glass, aqualite glass, flame glass, flor glass, flora glass, etc. The patterned glass has very good advantages of letting the light into the shower room but still remains the obscure designs, which makes it more elegant when you are choosing one of them for shower partition glass.

typical patterned glass for bathroom
typical patterned glass for bathroom

4, Laminated glass

Although monolithic toughened glass is widely adopted as glass shower enclosures. Laminated glass panels are also considered a good option. This is because laminated glass can get all the advantages of monolithic toughened glass, but it will also make you feel no worries about shower glass sudden explosion because even the toughened glass or non toughened glass is broken,  the glass particles will still adhere to the pvb interlayer. Generally speaking, 3+3mm & 4+4mm non toughened laminated glass and 5+5mm & 6+6mm toughened laminated glass are adopted.

laminated glass showerscreen
laminated glass for the shower guard

5, Ceramic frit toughened glass

Ceramic frit toughened glass is produced by melting frit patterns under high temperatures which will ensure the patterns are printed on glass permanently.

Ceramic frit toughened glass can offer you varieties of colors and patterns for the shower doors. You can make your shower partitions milky white, gradient dot designs, obscure glass satin effect, higher transmittance or lower transmittance, etc. All according to your designs. A very highly recommended design.

ceramic frit glass showerscreen
ceramic frit glass showerscreen

6, Digital printed glass

Another shower door design will be digital printed glass, this type of glass processing method is similar to our paper printing process. The only difference is that we are now doing it on glass instead of paper. You can realize complex patterns and thousands of colors on the same panel. The digital printed glass can also endure high temperature and have good scratch-resistant abilities. So no worries about the color fading or patterns vanishing. Compared to the ceramic frit glass shower doors, digital printed glass cost is higher.

digital printed glass shower room.
digital printed glass shower room.

7, Smart glass

One question: would you like to make shower glass that changes from clear to opaque? Sounds like magic, but yes, it is possible! Here we present you opaque changing glass-smart glass!

Smart glass is also called PDLC glass or switchable glass, magic glass, etc. It can switch your glass shower doors from clear to frosted or opaque in a simple one click!

For PDLC glass, you can choose to adhere the PDLC film on the monolithic toughened glass or make the PDLC film laminated into the laminated glass structure.


  1. PDLC film + 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm toughened glass, easy installation & good for maintain.
  2. 5+5mm optic white PDLC laminated glass, 6+6mm optic white PDLC laminated glass, etc.

So, of all the 7 types of bathroom glass designs, which one will you choose for your shower rooms? Welcome to contact us now to discuss your best choice!


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