3 types of the most popular glass for railings you need to know(2021)

glass for railings

3 types of the most popular glass for railings you need to know(2021)

glass for railings

Glass for railings are widely adopted nowadays because of architectural designs requirement for a beautiful appearance. Glass for railing no only can provide a good sense of space but also elegant architectural inspiration, it also can provide a super strong impact-resistance. So, here we are going to show you several types of glass for railings.

Type of glass for railings

1, What are the types of glass for railings?

  • Annealed laminated glass for railing;
  • Tempered glass for railing;
  • Tempered laminated glass for railing;

1.1, Annealed laminated glass for railings

Annealed laminated glass for railings generally includes the thickness of 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm, or 8.76mm, 10.76mm, 12.76mm. It is using two panels of thickness 4mm or 5mm or 6mm to be laminated by a pvb thickness of 0.38PVB or 0.76PVB undergoing a high pressure and high temperature laminating autoclave. To form a permanent bonding of the two glass panels. Normally this type of glass is firstly done by large sheets(such as 2140*3300 or 2440*3660, etc), will be cut to custom sizes according to projects requirement, and then grinded edgework and processed safety corners. This type of glass for railing can offer high strength against impact and splendid safety functions.

Advantages of annealed laminated glass for railings:

  1. Safer than single panel glass;
  2. Higher strength than single panel glass;
  3. Zero overlaps and no bubbles, Super good quality;
  4. Multiple designs can be achieved by colorful PVB or using tinted float glass;
  5. Cost-effective;


Annealed laminated glass for railings

1.2, Tempered glass for railings

Tempered glass for railings is using single tempered glass panels for railings projects. The tempered glass is processed by using cut to custom sizes glass after edgework, sent to tempering oven to ensure around 650 degrees high temperature, and then quickly chill down by a strong wind jet. This tempering process causes the tempered glass to have high stress on the glass surface whereas a balance tension in the glass interior. Normally 10mm, 12mm, 15mm clear, or ultra-clear tempered glass for railing are widely used.

Advantages of tempered glass for railings:

  1. 5 times higher strength than annealed glass;
  2. Safe glass will shatter into small pieces when broken, no harm to humans;
  3. High transmittance, can ensure the great vision for outside scenery;
  4. Multiple options can be achieved by using different tinted glass;


Tempered glass for railings

1.3, Tempered laminated glass for railings

Tempered laminated glass for railings is using two or more layers of tempered glass laminated by several thicknesses of PVB or SGP or EVA interlayer. It is also processed under high pressure & high-temperature autoclave to form the permanent bonding between the tempered glass panels.

The difference between PVB&SGP can be view by this article: https://szdragonglass.com/sgp-laminated-glass/

Advantages for tempered laminated glass for railings:

  1. It offers super high strength against impact and anti strong wind;
  2. Even one panel of glass is broken due to an accident, the rest of tempered glass will stand still to hold certain strength and bide time for replacement, preventing risks of damage to humans and theft;
  3. Varieties of designs such as ceramic frit tempered laminated glass or digital printing tempered laminated glass or colorful PVB tempered laminated glass for railing, etc are optional.


Tempered laminated glass for railings

Generally speaking, for glass pool fencing projects, single tempered glass such as 10mm or 12mm will be enough, if you need higher safety functions, you can choose tempered laminated glass for railing. For balcony projects, we recommend using laminated glass to ensure safety. Now in many countries architectural requirement, when the glass for railings are adopted on a project of a certain height(such as 10m or more), it is compulsory to use tempered laminated glass to prevent humans from hurt.

2, The glass for railing price?

You might wonder, what is the tempered glass for railing price? what is the laminated glass for railing price? Generally speaking, the price will be influenced by several factors such as:

  1. Sizes and quantity;
  2. Installation methods(holes or not);
  3. If special designs requirement(such as frosted effect, patterns, colors, etc);
  4. Raw material cost variations, etc;


However here is our standard pricing for your reference(6th May)

ItemFOB price
10mm clear tempered glass16USD/SQM
12mm clear tempered glass19USD/SQM
10.76mm clear tempered laminated glass22USD/SQM
13.52mm clear tempered laminated glass30USD/SQM

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass also offer a frameless railing system, spigots railing system, etc. If you would like to order a whole glass railing system, welcome to contact us at any time.

So of all the types of glass for railings above, which one is your favorite? Welcome to comment.


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