Shipping Insulated Glass from Shenzhen to the Philippines: A Seamless Journey

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This week we embarked on a voyage to transport 1* 20GP container and 1* 40HQ container of insulated glass from Shenzhen to the Philippines.

image 2

The customer chose 6mm FT Clear + 12mm Air Space + 6mm FT Low‐E Clear insulated glass for the building curtain wall

We all know that glass is very easy to damage during transportation.

Loading a container with insulating glass requires careful handling and packaging to prevent damage. These glass panels, known for their thermal insulation properties, require extra attention to ensure they arrive intact at their destination. Proper cushioning, secure bracing, and innovative packaging techniques play a vital role in safeguarding the glass during the journey.

  • – Insulated Glass is used in building curtain walls
  • – It helps with energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer
  • – The glass consists of two or more panes with a sealed air space in between
  • – Different types of glass coatings can be applied depending on the desired performance
  • – The thickness and size of the glass can vary to fit specific building requirements

When you choose a high-quality insulating glass manufacturer like Dragon Glass, you are sure to receive the highest level of customer service and quality materials along with the safest shipping.

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