3 ideas to choose reliable China 6.38mm 8.38mm 10.38mm float laminated glass supplier, the last idea will be a GOOD choice

float laminated glass are very popular, which widely use for glass partitions, glass windows, glass doors.

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How float laminated glass is made?

Float laminated glass also call stadip glass is a kind of safety glass that consists of two or more layers of uncolored annealed float glass, permanently bonded together with one or more layer of transparent interlayer. This type of laminated glass offers superior impact resistance and provides protection against UV radiation and severe weathering conditions. It is mainly used in the automotive industry and building applications such as 33.1 glass partitions, 44.1 laminated glass windows, laminated glass door, glass skylights, 55.1 glass canopy, glass balustrades and many other applications.

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Specification of float laminated glass sheet 6.38 8.38 10.38

Glass colorsclear glass, extra clear glass, frosted glass, euro bronze glass, euro grey glass, dark grey glass, light green glass, dark green glass, ford blue glass, dark blue glass (minimum thickness of color glass is 4mm)
PVB colorsclear and transparent, white, milky, red, yellow and other color laminated glass
Laminated glass thickness6.38mm float laminated glass, 8.38mm float laminated glass, 10.38mm float laminated glass
Composition33.1 (3+0.38+3mm), 44.1 (4+0.38+4mm), 55.1 (5+0.38+5mm), 661 (6+0.38+6mm)
Dimension1830x2440mm (6×8), 2140x3300mm (7×11), and customized size
Specification of laminated glass, VSG glass
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Why float laminate glass?

  1. Safety & Security: float laminated glass is kind of anti-breakage glass, when breakage happen, the interlayer holds glass layers together, no falling apart or split away. It offers superior protection against breakage.
  2. Sound control: lamination polyvinyl interlayer PVB film laminated glass has a different density from glass sheet, stop the sound transmission. A standard insulated window with one layer of clear laminated glass would have a sound transmission class of around 32-35, highly improved from a standard insulated window without laminated glass.
  3. UV rays reduction: a laminated glass with PVB or EVA interlayer could block up 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  4. Energy efficiency: Laminated glass is energy efficiency that widely used for eco window systems.
  5. Decorative: Widely options of glass type and interlayer type to make the laminated glass very commonly used as decoration material.
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Why Shenzhen Dragon Glass float laminated glass?

Laminated glass quality

  1. Meet with standard of Europe, North American and China: ISO, CCC, CE, EN12543, and ANSI Z97;
  2. Select 40% of high quality clear float glass sheets that perfect flat and pure for lamination;
  3. Use high quality PVB film from domestic supplier in China.

Laminated glass service

  1. Respone on time 1 hour – 12 hours;
  2. After sell service on time, if have any quality problem, for sure we will give best solution;
  3. Delivery time faster can reach 3 days, normally at 15 days;
  4. Flexible payment options for float laminated glass price;
  5. Support customized, and third party inspection piece by piece;
  6. Support load other cargos in one container.

Laminated glass cost

  1. Fast response for market cost, updating the laminated glass cost soon;
  2. Reasonable pricing for project supporting when get detailed information;
  3. Provide agent pricing if you want to be our agent.

More advantages of laminated glass, you can talk with our team, our team will give fast response and solution soon.

The package of float laminated glass

Outside all use high quality standard plywood crates, with very strong steel belt fixed, inside use paper separate for avoid scratches and broken.

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How’s the applications for float laminated glass?

  1. Can be used as glass door, window, staircase,
  2. Can be used as glass railings, fence, facade, partition wall.
  3. Can be made of table top, table covering.
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Dragon Glass as reliable glass supplier since 1994, until now we work for over 500 customers all over the world, and keep working with them for upcoming years, so for sure that you will receive 6.38mm 8.38mm 10.38mm float laminated glass with high quality and safety condition from us.


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