High Quality 6mm Sandblasted Glass Privacy Screens

Have you ever noticed that some of the glass surfaces are rough? This kind of glass is called frosted glass. There are two types, sandblasted glass and etching glass. Normally, the glass is rough on one side, and smooth on the other side. How is the glass made? Let’s find out.

What is sandblasted glass?

Sandblasted glass is produced by spraying sand at high velocities over the glass surface. This gives the glass a translucent surface, which is usually rougher than that produced by etching. The depth and degree of the translucency of the glass finishing vary with the force and type of sand used, then the patterns and designs are customized.

Sandblasting Manufacturing Process


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privacy screens

Six reasons why you choose privacy glass railings

1. Attractiveness: Glass railings are attractive and look nicer than wood deck railings. It increases the visual appeal.
2. Strength: Tempering makes the glass five times stronger than ordinary glass. No worrying about glass breakage.
3. Safety: Even the glass breaks, you are not likely to get hurt because it is safety glass.
4. Durability: Glass has a much longer service life than wood deck railings. It can resist wind, water, scratches. It remains in good condition years later.
5. Easy for maintenance: Have you been tired of wood railing maintenance? The glass surface is easy to clean with water and a little cleaner.
6. Privacy: Frosted glass provides more privacy that separates your home from the neighbors.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass
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Privacy Screens

Product details

Shenzhen Dragon Glass
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Type of glass: tempered etching glass, tempered sandblasted glass, laminated frosted glass
Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Size: customized
Color: clear, ultra clear, tinted
Shape: flat, curved
Applications: windows&doors, privacy screens, railings, tabletops, shower screens, etc.
Packing: strong wooden case
Production time: 5 to 20 days

Packing & Shipping

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