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1, What is 12mm corrugated glass?

12mm corrugated glass is also called 12mm fluted glass, 12mm ribbed glass, 12mm reeded glass, etc. It has multiple grooves on the 12mm glass surface. Forming a translucent and mysterious appearance for vision.

Generally speaking, there are two production methods of corrugated glass. One is forming the grooves by the hot rolling method on the glass surface, the other one is carving the glass surface to form different patterns. Both options have their own advantages.

Here we are discussing the 12mm corrugated glass base on the carving process.

12mm low iron corrugated glass.
12mm low iron corrugated glass.

2, The carving process of 12mm corrugated glass.

The production process will go through:

  1. Cutting the glass to the custom sizes;
  2. Grinding the glass and polishing;
  3. Carving patterns on the glass surface;
  4. High temperature tempering;
  5. Strong plywood crates packing.

Below is the video of the carving process:

Carving process

3, The applications of corrugated glass.

Corrugated glass can be used as glass partitions, glass dividers, shower rooms, glass wall decorations, cabinets, etc. Other.

Corrugated glass for shower room:

corrugated glass shower room
Corrugated glass shower doors

Corrugated glass cabinets

corrugated glass cabinet
Corrugated glass cabinets

4, Can corrugated glass texture be different?

The answer is yes!

We have narrow gap corrugated glass texture, wide gap corrugated glass texture, or even other different patterns as you can design!

Here are several patterns of the corrugated glass designs:

different types of corrugated glass
Different patterns of corrugated glass

With the different colors of tinted glass, you can make your inspiration wider:

For example, bronze corrugated glass:

Bronze corrugated glass design
Bronze corrugated glass design

Blue corrugated glass:

Blue corrugated glass
Blue corrugated glass

You can even make corrugated glass in a lamination configuration to maximum its decoration and soundproofing functions:

purple laminated corrugated glass
Purple color laminated corrugated glass.

5, Specifications of corrugated glass:

Production name12mm corrugated glass/12mm fluted glass/12mm reeded glass
Glass colorclear, ultra clear, blue, grey, bronze, etc
Glass thickness12mm, other thicknesses such as 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm are available.
ApplicationsShower doors, partitions, windows, doors, cabinets, roof, etc.
Further processLamination, coating low e, ceramic frit printing, digital printing, frosting, etc.
QualityCE/ASTM/ISO9001/CCC, etc.
PackingStrong plywood crates.
Production time15 days.
Max size2600*7000mm

6, Production details

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are producing excellent quality glass under strict quality inspection!

fluted glass 01
Laminated corrugated glass for partition.
fluted glass 02
6mm low iron corrugated glass
curved corrugated glass
Curved corrugated glass has been packed pcs by pcs with strong bonding in a strong plywood crate.

7, Packing details:

Strong plywood crates packing
Strong plywood crates packing

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