Super good design 6+6mm 8+8mm pvb laminated acoustic glass partition price

What is 6+6mm 8+8mm laminated acoustic glass partition?

6+6mm 8+8mm pvb laminated acoustic glass partition is using either 6mm clear tempered glass or 8mm clear tempered glass laminated by an acoustic pvb interlayer, this process is done by a high temperature and high pressure autoclave for over 6 hours, making the “sandwich” configuration permanently together.

laminated acoustic glass structure
laminated acoustic glass structure

The 6+6mm 8+8mm acoustic pvb laminated glass is very good for internal glass partitions as it can reduce noise by more than 37dB+. This means that you can enjoy a silent environment inside the office not just for working but also when you are resting to read a book even the outside is very noisy.

Internal glass parition with acoustic designs.
Internal glass partition with acoustic designs.


  • Super soundproofing: acoustic glass is capable of noise deduction >37dB+;
  • Super strong: pvb laminated acoustic glass can endure extreme impact;
  • Super safe: the laminated acoustic glass will not harm people even when one or two pieces of glass break;
  • Good decoration: multiple designs such as frosted, milky white, colorful, PDLC options are available;


  • Production name: 6+6mm 8+8mm pvb laminated acoustic glass partition;
  • Glass color: Clear, low iron, gray, green, blue, bronze, etc;
  • Glass thickness: 6+6mm, 8+8mm, other thicknesses such as 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 10+10mm, etc are all available;
  • Glass quality: Top A level;
  • PVB thickness: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, 1.90, 2.28, 3.04, etc;
  • PVB color: Green, blue, gray, yellow, red, orange, purple, etc;
  • Functions: Privacy, soundproofing, decoration, high strength;
  • Production time: 10~15 days;
  • Max size: 2440*3660mm for glass partitions;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates packing;
  • Accessories: metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, etc;
  • Samples: Free samples are available in 5~7 days.


  • Subject to AS;
  • Subject to CE:
  • Subject to BS;
  • Subject to ASTM(SGCC);
  • Subject to ISO9001.


Acoustic laminated glass as its high strength and superb soundproofing functions is very popular in internal glass partition or commercial glass partitions applications. As below pictures showing:

pvb laminated acoustic commercial glass partitions
pvb laminated acoustic commercial glass partitions
Good soundproofing internal glass partition
Good soundproofing internal glass partition

Production details:

tempered laminated glass process
laminated acoustic glass production process
Shenzhen Dragon Glass acoustic laminated glass partitions.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass acoustic laminated glass products.

Quality control:

Quality control system.
Quality control system.

Packing and delivery:

Strong packing and delivery for acoustic glass partition.
Strong packing and delivery.


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