High quality 10mm super modern curved glass wall for office partition

super high quality curved glass suppliers in china

High quality 10mm super modern curved glass wall for office partition

super high quality curved glass suppliers in china

What is super modern curved glass wall for office partition?

Organic shapes and soft curves have been popular choices in the interior design of many types of building environments for a while now. When situated in the middle of straight and square spatial layouts, round and curved glass wall partitions delivers elegant lines to any interior environment, offering a high tech appearance.

curved glass wall applications
curved glass makes office partitions elegant and modern

Why used curved glass for for office partition?

  • The curved glass wall can lend a certain lively to the otherwise dull office environment.
  • The curved glass wall sleek, contemporary, flexible. And they also offer a great value way to transform your office space. You can create clearly defined areas but still maintain an open atmosphere by allowing visual continuity.
  • Glass can be clear or frosted. Full or partial manifestations can be applied. The glass can also be customised and coloured to fit with your desired look.
  • The curved glass also shown to be better at soundproofing and noise reduction, this can do hlepful for office productivity.

How to make a curved glass wall?

The curved toughened glass manufactured by Shenzhen Dragon Glass has more than 5 times higher strength comparing to normal float glass. This is achieved by subjecting final size, edgeworked glass panels into a toughening machine which heats up to 700-degree temperature and bent to due radius and arch then cool down rapidly by strong wind jet to form a compression on the curved toughened glass surface whereas the interior is still in tension. This thermal treatment makes the curved toughened glass strength raise completely to 5 times more than normal glass.

curved glass products details
Shenzhen Dragon Glass curved glass production details

What type of glass can you use in the glass partition?

If you have already decided to go with curved glass for your office partition, it is imperative that you make the right decision on the type of glass that will be used.

1. Frosted curved glass wall partition

Frosted glass partition is produced by two methods: acid etched and sandblasting. It can be quite a good choice if you have simple patterns designs or privacy functions required.

2. Laminated curved glass wall partition

Comparing to single glass, laminated glass partition is more soundproofing, more high strength, more safe, and more multiple color designs.

3. Ceramic frit curved glass wall partition

Ceramic frit glass is using tempeing process to make the frit glazed on glass permanently. Ceramic frit glass wall partition has a good decoration effect such as dot or bar design, etc. Its colors are also adjustable, ceramic frit curved glass wall partition is very suitable for large scale partition wall projects.

4. Tinted curved glass wall partition

This kind of glass partition is designed with the addition of different colors to glass materials. It can either be ultra white, blue, green, grey, broze, etc. It has a lot of properties very similar to the clear glass partiton but reflects less light.

5. Insulated glass wall partition

If your office needs very good sound insulation and energy saving functions, insulated glass partition wall is a very good choice.

Curved glass products
different type of glass can use in the glass partition

Quality of curved glass

  • Subject to ISO9001:
  • Subject to ASTM 1048;
  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to AS;



Packing details

Packing details for curved glass wall
strong plywood crates packing and strong bonding for shipping

Although glass partitions look luxurious, but they do not. In fact, cost a fortune. So, they’re a really workable option for such as boardrooms, client meeting spaces, and hospitality breakout areas.

If you’re planning an office project,  we Shenzhen Dragon Glass are happy to talk you through your options!


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