Super quality 12mm glass staircase panels for railings

What are 12mm glass staircase panels for railings?

12mm glass staircase panels is using 12mm toughened glass as glass staircase panels. It is produced by heating 12mm clear or tinted edge worked glass to around 700 degrees in the tempering oven and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet. This process is also called glass quenching, it will form a compression stress on the 12mm glass surface whereas the interior is still in tension. After 12mm glass is toughened, it will be 5 times stronger than normal 12mm annealed glass.

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glass staircase panels

Benefits of 12mm glass staircase panels

Different advantages make the glass panels for staircases a perfect choice. If you want to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your living place, glass panels for stairs offer you the best.

  • Natural light

In the glass panel, the sunlight quickly passes through, and a glass staircase provides you maximum natural light. Yu may also benefit from surrounding view with a glass panel in your stairs.

  • Extra space

For smaller places, glass stairs offer you another benefit. These panels offer you an illusion of an extra spacious room. You feel some extra space with a comprehensive range of views.

  • Easy installation

You can easily and quickly install a glass star case. It does not require much expertise as compared to regular stairs. The glass panels are held together using a bracket. It is a simple process that enables you to get a fantastic look.

  • Strong and durable

Glass staircases are strong and durable. In glass panels, toughened glass is used that has extra features of durability and strength. You need not go for much maintenance, and they last for many years. You can easily clean the glass staircases. They are easier to maintain than wood stairs.

  • More safety

Glass staircase panels are made of durable thick glass, which provides you extra protection. The tempered glasses cannot be shattered or broken. It may keep you, your pets, and small children from falling off the edge of the stair. In this may they provide you extra safety? Natural light also makes it possible for you to see the railing.


  • 1, Multiple tinted glass colors available, such as low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc;
  • 2, Variety of glass types: 12mm clear toughened glass, 12mm curved toughened glass, 12mm digital printed glass, 12mm ceramic frit printed glass, 12mm frosted toughened glass, etc;
  • 3, Shape: flat or curved, according to customer’s requirement;
  • 4, Max size: according to client’s request. We can help optimize the size to cut down the cost as well;
  • 5, Lead time: 7~12 days after order confirmed;
  • 6, MOQ: 50SQM

Quality standard

  • Subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Subject to CE EN2190;
  • Subject to ASTM1248;
  • Subject to AS;


Multiple designs of 12mm toughened glass staircase panels for railings:

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Glass staircase panels

Production details

Glass staircase panels production details


shenzhen dragon glass production machines
Dragon glass machines

Quality control

  • 1.Adopting high-quality grade 12mm glass material make sure no bubbles, no chips, no scratches, super flat surface;
  • 2.Cutting: use advanced cutting machines to ensure there are no chips, sizes accuracy;
  • 3.Grinding: polished the edges with no chips, no micro-cracks, no flaws;
  • 4.Drilling: accurately drill the holes according to the CAD drawing;
  • 5.Tempering: use world advanced super flat & spotless tempering machine to ensure excellent tempering stress uniformity and flatness, lowest tempering spontaneous breakage rate;
  • 6.We have a strict QC inspection team to inspect each process to ensure no flaws occur during each process;
indoor 10mm 12mm toughened safety tempered glass railing handrail panles
Glass staircase panels for railings

Packing and delivery

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Packing of glass staircase panels

If you’re looking to add glass staircase panels to your next project, count on the experts from Dragon Glass to prepare you a quote that’s based on your specific project specs. Contact us today to get started or filling out the form below and our team will get back to you shortly. Welcome to follow our official LinkedIn to get more information about glass


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