Toughened 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm clear tinted silver reflective glass for windows with the best price

What is silver reflective glass?

Silver reflective glass is one kind of heat reflective glass, it is adopting the magnetic sputtering method to spray several metal layers and metal oxidize materials onto the glass surface in a super high vacuum chamber. After the coating process, the silver reflective glass is cut to custom sizes and goes through the edging, tempering, or even later the laminating and insulating to enhance its further functions. Silver mirror is very good for residential windows, especially for large quantities of residential doors and windows because of its energy-saving functions and decoration effects.

Silver reflective glass windows
Silver color reflection glass

How to produce silver reflective glass?

We use the flesh-made auto-grade float glass(within one month) to be firstly cleaned by a German Bentler Washing machine, in this process, the glass surface will be heated up and activated. Later the glass will be transferred to the large magnetic sputtering line to endure the high power sputtering of the metal material to the glass surface. Different metal targets will form different types of layers onto the glass surface. Several combinations of the film layers will form a certain color and thermal performance on the glass.

Different sputtering materials will have different colors:

SiNx sputtering light
SiNx sputtering light
Cr Sputtering light
Cr Sputtering light
Large area sputtering line for reflective glass production.
Large area sputtering line for reflective glass production.

The advantages of heat reflective glass:

  • Good physical & chemical performance, surface adhesion is permanent, no pilling off;
  • Excellent thermal performance such as good U value, SHGC, Transmittance, etc;
  • Multiple options of exterior appearance like gray color, light blue, neutral colors, etc;
  • Super good uniformity with color difference ΔE<1.5;


The performance data of heat reflective glass:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass heat reflective glass performance and color reference:

Solar reflective glass performance data.
Solar reflective glass performance data.

Specifications of heat reflective glass:

  • Production name: Silver reflective glass, heat reflective glass;
  • Glass thickness: 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm;
  • Glass colors: clear, low iron, green, blue, grey, etc;
  • Glass types: Tempered heat reflective glass; Laminated heat reflective glass; Insulated heat reflective glass; ceramic frit heat reflective glass, heat soaked test heat reflective glass, etc;
  • Glass shapes:Flat/curved;
  • Max size: 2440*3660mm
  • Min size: 400*900mm
  • Quality: Subject to CE/ASTM/ISO9001/AS, etc;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates;
  • Free samples: Within 5 days;
  • Production time: 7~10 days;
  • Capacity: 10000SQM/day;


Silver reflective glass is widely used in residential windows and doors, facades, interior designs, etc.

Applications for solar reflective glass.
Applications for solar reflective glass.

Production details:

Golden color reflective glass:

Golden color reflective glass.
Matt polished solar reflective glass
Different transmittance typical types of samples
Production details for solar reflective glass.
Production details for solar reflective glass.

Packing details:

Strong plywood crates to ensure safe transportation.

What is the heat reflective glass price?

Standard heat reflective glass price as below:

Other factors might influence the heat reflective glass price:

  • Glass thickness;
  • Glass shapes: the price of curved shape is more expensive;
  • Glass sizes list: this influence the cutting rate and the loading rate of the production therefore the influence the cost;
  • Further functions such as lamination or insulation configuration is needed;
  • Quantity: larger quantity, better price!


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