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4.4.2 Eva laminated mirror glass has very decorative effects in interior designs. It can be used as glass walls, glass partitions, glass windows, etc. In this article, we are going to show you multiple of our production capabilities. Check if any inspiration comes to your mind.

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What is 4.4.2 eva laminated mirror glass?

4.4.2 Eva laminated mirror glass is using one panel of 4mm mirror glass and one panel of 4mm clear or ultra-clear glass to be laminated by an Eva interlayer.  4.4.2 Eva laminated mirror glass is also called 4+0.76eva +4mm laminated mirror glass, it is widely used as interior decorations such as gym glass walls, hotel glass partitions, office glass dividers, shower screens, etc.

The mirror glass and the exterior glass panel both can be tempered or non-tempered. After EVA lamination, the 4.4.2 Eva laminated mirror glass is a safety glass. Even the glass is broken due to an accident, it won’t hurt people as the broken pieces will adhere to Eva interlayer.

Of course, if you would like further decoration effect, you can choose fiber or mesh to be laminated inside the EVA. Also, you could choose fluted glass to enhance its decoration designs.

Different laminated glass mirror products.
Different laminated glass mirror products.

How to produce eva laminated mirror glass?

This Eva lamination is undergoing with temperature within 120 degrees as EVA has higher fluidity and better cohesiveness than pvb. EVA lamination is different from PVB lamination. EVA is done by extracting the air and water vapor in an evacuated oven at a relatively high temperature. PVB is done by high temperature and high pressure in an autoclave. The principle is different.

EVA lamination VS PVB lamination
EVA lamination VS PVB lamination


  1. Unique decoration effect: eva laminated mirror glass can reflect different colors and patterns;
  2. Soundproofing function: eva laminated mirror glass has the same soundproofing performance as pvb glass;
  3. Safety: eva laminated glass provides relative high strength and can ensure no harm to humans evan the glass is broken;
  4. Higher transmittance: eva lamination has higher transmittance than pvb and no “yellow” appearance;
  5. Long lifespan: eva lamination has a long lifespan more than 10 years with no delamination in proper usage.
Eva lamination makes the glass brighter than pvb.
Eva lamination makes the glass brighter than pvb.


  • Subect to BS EN12600:2002;
  • Subject to AS/NZS 2208:1996 ;
  • Subject to CE EN ISO 12543-2-2011 & EN ISO 12543-2-2011;
  • Subject to ASTM 1172;
  • Subject to ISO9001;
  • Etc.


  • Production name: 4.4.2 eva laminated mirror glass;
  • Glass color: clear, other tinted color such as green, blue, grey, bronze, low iron, etc are also available;
  • Glass thickness: 4+4mm, other types such as 3+3mm 5+5mm 6+6mm, etc are also available;
  • Glass shape: flat/curved;
  • Max size: 2440*3660mm;
  • Glass types: non tempered eva laminated mirror, tempered eva laminated mirror, fluted eva laminated mirror, mesh eva laminated mirror, fiber eva laminated mirror, golden color eva laminated mirror, etc;
  • Production time: within 15~20 days after sample is confirmed;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates.


4.4.2 laminated mirror glass can be used as house decoration, hotel dividers, gym glass walls, windows, doors, etc.

laminated mirror glass applications
Laminated glass mirror applications

Production details:

As one of the most professional laminated mirror suppliers in China, Shenzhen Dragon Glass can provide you with multiple laminated mirror products to meet your unique design tastes:

Multiple laminated mirror designs.
Multiple laminated mirror designs.

Of course, you could also do the acid etching on the mirror glass surface to make a frosted mirror effect:

Matt surface frosted effect laminated mirrors
Matt surface frosted effect laminated mirrors

Packing and delivery:

strong plywood crates packing
Strong plywood crate packing to ensure a safe shipment.

So after the above introduction, would you like to use this glass for your new projects? Welcome to send us inquiries now!


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