China Top 3 good quality cheap silk screen printing glass manufacturers

shenzhen dragon glass silk screen printing glass facade-2

China Top 3 good quality cheap silk screen printing glass manufacturers

shenzhen dragon glass silk screen printing glass facade-2

1, What is silk screen printing glass?

Cheap silk screen printing glass with high quality is provided by Shenzhen Dragon Glass, it is also called ceramic frit glass, it is a kind of decoration glass widely used for the facade, partition wall, railing, etc.

The principle for producing ceramic frit glass is using inorganic glaze (also known as ink) printed on the glass surface and then heat to dried, tempered, or heat-treated. The glaze then is permanently sintered on the glass surface to obtain wear-resistant, acid-resistant decorative glass products. Glass silk screening patterns can be designed as per requirements.

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are one of the Chinese ceramic frit glass manufacturers providing cheap silk screen printing glass with no compromising quality by strictly controlling the procedure.

Compared to the digital printing process, silk screening has advantages like cost-effective when designing some not so complex patterns as below:

ceramic frit glass
Produced by Top 10 China ceramic frit glass manufacturers-Shenzhen Dragon Glass

2, How is silk screen printing processed?

Experienced engineers & operator is extremely important when producing silk screen printing glass. The color of the ink and the uniformity printing and pattern accuracy on the glass is affected dramatically by the experience of the operators and the engineers.

Meanwhile, having a clean and temperature-stable room for printing is important also.

After the ink print on the glass and pre-heat, the patterned glass is placed into tempering machines. The high temperature will make the ink glazed on the glass permanently.

ceramic frit glass
silkscrenn printing glass
Ceramic frit glass manufacturers processing
Silkscreen printing process

3, Shenzhen Dragon Glass silk screen printing glass features:

Itemsilk screen printing glass / ceramic frit glass
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, pink, etc
Glass thickness4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm , 15mm, etc
Ink colorRed, orange, green, blue, black, white, etc
PatternDot, bar, full screen, gradient, other patterns per requirement.
Glass typeClear silk screen printing glass, ultra-clear ceramic frit tempered glass,
tinted tempered silk screen printing glass, coated tempered glass silk screening,
half tempered heat-strengthened silk screen printing glass,
Low-E tempered glass silk screening, solar reflective coating tempered
glass silk screening, heat soak test tempered silk screen printing glass,
curved tempered glass silk screening, laminated silk screen printing glass,
double insulated silk screen printing glass, etc.
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, canopy, windows, doors, skylight, partition walls, office doors, etc
Max size2600*6000mm
Quality standardSubject to CE & ASTM & CCC & ISO9001

4, Glass silk screening products details:

ceramic frit glass
silkscrenn printing glass
Super great appearance for ceramic frit glass products.

5, Applications of silk screen printing glass

Nowadays, designers tend to make facades with different patterns to make them more modern and individuate.

With tempering or afterward processes like laminating or insulating, silk screen printing glass has wider thermal and strength performance. Therefore makes it very suitable for the facade, curtain wall, windows, partition wall, shop fronts, railing projects.

Ceramic frit glass applications
Ceramic frit glass applications

6, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass silk screen printing glass?

  1. High quality raw material used for silk screen printing, as well as the glass or the ink;
  2. Advanced machines guarantee glass silk screening accuracy processed, computer monitor process ensuring the pattern exactly as per required;
  3. We have several lines to ensure our large quantity supply ability. Thus we can make cheap silk screen printing glass price in the Chinese glass market;
  4. Multiple certifications like CE, ASTM, ISO9001, CCC, BS showing our strength in quality control;
  5. Fast time responding and in-time service, leaving you no worries after the order is placed.
cheap silk screen printing glass
Shenzhen Dragon Gass certifications 
tempered, lamianted, insulated glass
Certifications of ceramic frit glass manufacturersShenzhen Dragon Glass

7, How much does silk screen printing glass cost?

Some factors will influence the silk screen printing glass cost:

  1. Silkscreen printing glass thickness & size, as it will affect the cutting rate;
  2. Substrate colors option, clear glass or tinted or low iron, etc;
  3. Silkscreen printing glass patterns, colors & the complexity of patterns;
  4. Quantity, larger quantity, the price will be lower when sharing all kinds of costs, etc

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