Top 3 Guangdong double glazed glass suppliers

double glazed glass supplier

Top 3 Guangdong double glazed glass suppliers

double glazed glass supplier

1, What is dgu glass?

Double insulated glass(dgu glass or igu glass) is also called double glazed glass, it combines two pieces of float glass or tempered glass or coated glass together with an aluminum spacer in between and sealed with butyl and structural sealant. In purpose to achieve extra functions like soundproofing or thermal isolation.

Sometimes argon gas will be filled into the space between the two panels to enhance the thermal performance, thus making the insulated glass U-value much lower(which means less heat transferring). Insulated glazing glass is considered as energy-saving glass, especially when using Low-E coating glass as a part of it.

Ceramic frit glass or digital printing glass is also available for insulated glass to make the decoration much more colorful.

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2, How to produce dgu glass?

To ensure dgu glass strength and safety function, usually tempering process is acquired when processing the glass panels. After glass tempering, pair the two pieces of glass panels in the auto insulating production line. During the transferring glass, workers will make the aluminum frame and sealed with first butyl sealant and adhere to the glass, combining the two panels manually first and make sure there is no overlap(will double-check by the insulating line), after the pre-press processing, the glass will be transferred to the second sealant processing, where the structural sealant is sealed by the robot.

We use the world most advanced Bystronic & Lisec insulating line to make sure the insulating quality is perfect without flaw. During each process, QC observers follow the quality system and make sure there are no quality issues.

double insulating glass producing process
Shenzhen Dragon Glass insulated glazing process
Dgu glass producing by auto-robots and manual ways.

3, How to distinguish the quality of dgu glass?

  1. Observe the surface of the dgu glass products make sure there are no chips, no scratches no bubbles, or stones;
  2. Check the glass warp and distortion, good quality insulating glass should be size accurate and super flat surface, easy for installation;
  3. Check the spacer, see if the spacer is fully covered by the butyl sealant, it is the first insurance that the dgu glass has good performance;
  4. Check the structural sealant(on the edge of dgu glass) make sure the sealant is covered homogeneously and well.
  5. etc;
Dgu glass producing process, double glazed glass quality inspecting.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass- One of the best double glazed glass suppliers!

4, Shenzhen Dragon Glass Insulated glazing glass features:

ItemInsulated glass / double glazing glass/dgu glass/igu glass/insulated glazing/double glass unit
glass colorClear, ultra clear, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, pink, etc
Glass thickness4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm, 15+15mm, etc
Sealant & Butyl qualityTop A grade
Spacer thickness6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 20A, 22A, etc
Spacer colorSilver, black, grey, etc
Glass typeClear annealed insulated glazing glass, tinted annealed insulated glazing glass,
Clear tempered insulated glazing glass, ultra-clear tempered insulated glazing glass,
tinted tempered insulated glass, coated tempered insulated glass,
half tempered insulated glass, Low-E tempered insulated glass,
frosted tempered insulated glass, patterned tempered insulated glazing glass,
solar reflective coating tempered insulated glass, ceramic frit tempered insulated glazing glass,
digital printing tempered insulated glass, heat soak test tempered insulated glass,
curved tempered insulated glass, argon gas filled insulated glass, etc.
U-value< 2.0 W/m2·K,  customizable according to requirement.
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, canopy, windows, doors, skylight, partition walls, office doors, etc
Max size3200*12000mm
Quality standardSubject to CE & ASTM & CCC & ISO9001

5, What is the applications of dgu glass?

Dgu is widely used in the construction area due to its high thermal performance and color variety and soundproofing, which makes it the most favorable choice when designing facade or windows projects by architects or designers.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass dgu glass, double glazed glass suppliers.

6, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass dgu glass?

  1. We use the highest quality raw glass material with no chips no bubbles no scratches with a super flat surface;
  2. Strict quality control for each process to make sure the final dgu glass unit product size accuracy, thus make it easy for installation afterward;
  3. We have the most advanced large area coating line to ensure our low e coating performance;
  4. With the best engineers and the world’s most advanced Bystronic and Lisec auto insulating machines, we guarantee high performance with no flaw.
  5. With our large capacity, our insulated glass unit price is very competitive in China building glass market.
  6. Fast delivery is assured by our strict production plan. The lead time within 10 days after the order confirmed.
  7. Fast respond service, with our strong technical team we can reply to you within 1 hour and provide a solution for you within 24 hours.
  8. We have 26 years of production & exportation experience, we are capable of handling all your delivery and quality issues.

7, Certifications

insulated glass certifications of Shenzhen Dragon Glass Company.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications

8, Packing details:

Strong plywood crate packing to make sure glass safety during long distance transportation.
Strong packing to make sure insulated glazing glass safety during shipment.

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