Super energy saving 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows price

low e argon gas filled windows

Super energy saving 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows price

low e argon gas filled windows

What is 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows?

6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows are made by combining one 6mm offline low e tempered glass together with one 6mm clear thickness panel separated by an aluminum frame, sealed by butyl sealant, and then second structural sealant. The aluminum frame is filled with moisture to prevent vapor through. During the sealing, argon gas is injected into the double glazing structure. When the gas injection process is done, the double glazing of 6+12Ar+6 low e insulated glass is permanently together.

Production details for the argon gas filled windows.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass double glazing glass with argon gas filled windows price

Normally the air spacer thickness will influence the U-value of the double glazed windows, therefore influence the energy saving effect. Meanwhile, it will influence the argon gas filled windows price because the spacer material, sealant thickness, etc are different.

Benefits of argon gas filled windows:

  • * Super energy saving function: U value can be as low as 1.3~1.7 W/m2K;
  • * Super soundproofing function: can decrease the exterior noise by about 37dB+;
  • * Better anti-condensation ability than normal air gas filled windows;
  • * Good decoration effect: multiple reflection colors of low e coating are available for designs;


  • * Production name:6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows;
  • * Glass color: Clear, grey, blue, green, etc;
  • * Glass thickness: 6+6mm other thickness such as 5+5, 8+8, 10+10, etc;
  • * Spacer thickness: 12Ar, other thickness such as 9Ar, 14Ar, 15Ar, 18Ar, 19Ar, 20Ar, etc;
  • * Spacer color: Silver, grey, black, etc;
  • * Low e types: Solar reflective coating, single low e, double low e, triple low e;
  • * Argon gas density: 85%~95%;
  • * U-value: 0.6~1.8W/m2K;
  • * SHGC: 0.2~0.8;
  • * VLT: 20%~80%;
  • * Production time: 15~20 days after deposit received;
  • * Packing: Strong plywood crates;
  • * Sample: 300mm*300mm, 5~7 days;
  • * Max sizes: 2440*7500mm;
  • * Capacity: 6000SQM/day.


  • Subject to IGCC;
  • Subject to BS;
  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to AS.


6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled insulated glass can be used in residential houses as well as commercial business buildings.

Argon gas filled windows applications
Good low e argon gas filled windows price

Production details:

The low e coating is produced by our large area vacuum magnetic sputtering line, which can guarantee super high energy saving performance:

Large area low e production line
Large area vacuum low e glass magnetic sputtering line

The double glazed production is undergoing by our world advanced Bystronic insulating line, which can 100% guarantee argon gas injection purity and sealing quality.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass auto gas filled Bystronic insulating line for argon gas filled windows production.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass world advanced Bystronic glass insulating line.

Splendid quality double glazing glass products:

argon gas filled windows price
Argon Gas filled double glazing glass, curved shape, and flat shape.

Are argon gas filled windows worth it?

Considering the advantages of energy saving performance and the soundproofing functions as above, argon gas filled windows is definitely worth it!

What is the 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows price?

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the most professional glass manufacturer in China can offer super competitive 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows price with the best quality.

Generally speaking 6+12Ar+6 low e argon gas filled windows price will depend on several factors:

  • Glass sizes: this will influence the cutting rate which means how much utilization of the glass raw material;
  • Glass type: the tinted glass will be higher cost; double low e price will be higher than single low e, triple low e will be higher than double low e as well; You can also choose frosted glass igu glazing or digital printing glass igu unit for better decoration effect;
  • Glass thickness.
  • Glass shape: special glass shape such as parallelogram or triangle process difficulty will be higher, therefore higher cost;


If you would like to get the argon gas filled windows price, welcome to contact us at anytime:


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