Excellent 6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass for decoration & soundproofing

igu window glass

Excellent 6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass for decoration & soundproofing

igu window glass

What is 6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass?

6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass also called igu unit or igu glazing, it is using one panel of 6mm thickness clear tempered glass and the other panel of 6mm thickness clear frosted tempered glass insulated by a 9mm aluminum spacer and then sealed with butyl sealant & second structural sealant to form a middle chamber between the two glass panels. This igu window structure is made to achieve soundproofing & energy saving functions. The frosted effect will enhance decoration and privacy functions.

igu window glass igu glazing
Frosted igu window glass with excellent privacy function.

Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting process or acid etching process. Below is a typical video for sandblasting glass process:

Sandblasting process-one economical way to achieve frosting effect.


  • Superb good decoration effect with milky white colors, meritorious feelings;
  • Very good privacy function: once the frosted igu window is closed, the outside cannot see anything inside, but the sunlight can still come into the room;
  • No condensation: even when the temperature between interior or exterior varied, there won’t cause any condensation;
  • Excellent energy saving function: can keep the room warmer in the winter whereas cooler during the hot summer;
  • Super great soundproofing function: can reduce the noise by more than 37dB+, even when you are living near a noisy roadside, once the igu window is closed, you can completely isolate the sound outside.


  • Production name: 6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass;
  • Glass color: clear, frosted, other tinted glass colors are also available;
  • Glass thickness: 6+6mm, other thickness 5+5mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm, etc;
  • Spacer thickness: 9A, others such as 6A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 20A, etc;
  • Spacer color: silver, black, grey, etc;
  • Process: cutting, frosting, grinding, drilling, tempering, insulating, packing, etc;
  • Shapes: rectangle, triangle, round, shaped, etc;
  • Functions: soundproofing, decoration, privacy, energy saving, etc;
  • Certifications: CCC/ISO9001/IGCC/CE/AS, etc;
  • Max sizes: 3200*12000mm;
  • Packing: strong plywood crates;
  • Production time: 10~15 days;
  • Free samples: available.


  • Igu unit subject to CCC;
  • Igu unit subject to BS;
  • Igu unit subject to AS;
  • Igu unit subject to IGCC;
  • Igu unit subject to ISO9001.


Frosted igu glazing is so beautiful and so many extra functions, it is greatly adopted as windows or curtain walls, no matter for residential or commercial applications.

Frosted igu window glass price.
Frosted igu window glass price.

Production details:

Frosted igu glazing will go through several deep processing:

  • Accurate cutting;
  • Flawless grinding;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Tempering;
  • Igu glazing;
  • Packing; etc.
insulating glass process
Igu unit glazing process by Shenzhen Dragon Glass
World advanced igu glazing line
World advanced bystronic insulating line.
Igu unit glazing details
Igu unit glazing details

Warm edge spacer will be optional when you have higher requirement for the U-value(high performance).

Warm edge spacer for igu glazing in order to achieve excellent U value.
Warm edge spacer for igu glazing in order to achieve excellent U value.

Quality control:

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass keep strict quality control of the igu glazing process to ensure there is no flaw arriving to clients.

igu glazing glass process testing
Strict quality control system.


igu window glass certifications
Igu window glass certifications.

Packing and delivery:

Packing details for igu glazing glass
Packing details for igu glazing glass

Would you like to choose 6+9A+6mm frosted igu window glass for your next project? Welcome to send your inquiry now!


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