Splendid 24mm double low e window glass cost, Excellent 28mm windows double glass suppliers.

1, What is low e window glass?

Low e window glass is referred to using low e glass as double glass glazing or triple glass glazing for windows products.

Low e glass is one kind of energy saving glass that can help you isolate the heat from the sun in the summer whereas letting in the visible light, making the solar light a “cool light”. In the winter, the main heat source comes from the interior, low e glass will reflect most of the heat inside thus keeping warm.

Low e  windows double glass for summer VS winter
Low e windows double glass for summer VS winter

Using low e window glass for your house or villa can help you save power of the air conditioner and stove.

Meanwhile, when you are using double or triple glazed glass configuration, you can have very good soundproofing function as well.

low e window glass
Double glazed low e window glass

2, Types of low-e window glass

Depending on window low e coating types, it can be divided into 4 types of low-e window glass.

  1. Single online low-e window glass: this type of low e glass windows cost is lower because it can be used as a single tempered low-e glass panel. The coating is hard and has strong resistance against the weather and anti-scratch. But the disadvantage is that its energy saving function is not as good as offline low-e windows glass.
  2. Offline single silver low-e window glass: this type of low e glass window must be used as double glass or triple glass configuration. It can help you get a good energy saving effect and a very good soundproofing function. Its reflection color can be customized.
  3. Offline double silver low e window glass: as the silver layer is the function layer for reflecting the heat. Double silver layer low e glass can enhance the energy saving function. While the single low-e double glass window U-value is only 1.8W/m2K, the double silver layer low-e double glass window U-value can reach 1.6W/m2K.
  4. Offline triple silver low-e glass: this type is very rarely used for window projects, mostly it will be adopted in a very high-end commercial building where extreme energy saving function is a must according to architects’ design.
Low-e glass coating types
Online low-e VS single Ag Low-e Vs double Ag Low-e

3, Do low e glass windows look different?

To answer this question, it will be very complicated if explain in Physical theory. Let’s make it simple here.

Comparing low e window glass color VS clear window glass.

Yes, the color will look different!

If you are using a single silver low-e glass, the film side will usually reflect a purple or reddish appearance against the sunshine(As below shows). When viewing the low-e glass on white paper, it will appear a little grey color.

Purple reflection colors of single low-e glass
Purple reflection colors of single low-e glass

If you are using double silver low-e glass, the film side will be likely showing a green or blue reflection color when viewed against the solar light. When you place the double low-e glass on the white paper, it will show a green appearance as well.

The color of the low-e glass will be depended on the coating process, but compared to the clear glass, low e glass windows will absolutely look very different. The reflection color of low e glass is very obvious.

The low e film side will be placed facing interior, when view from the outdoor, the low e glass will mainly appear light blue or neutral grey or silver grey, etc, depending on clients’ preference.

4, What should you pay attention to when doing low-e window glass replacement?

Though low-e window glass can provide you so much convenience, if the low-e window glass is broken due to some accidental impact or self explosion. The low-e window glass replacement will be quite an issue.

Here are some tips which you should pay attention to when you are considering low-e window glass replacement:

  1. Low e window glass color: As different coating type or coating code or even from different low e glass coating company. The color of the low-e glass is completely different. If the reflection color of the low e window glass color is not the same as your previous, the total appearance of the house will be very weird;
  • Performance data such as Transmittance, Sc, Rg, U-value, etc. The performance data should be about the same as the old window low e glass.

The solutions to the above, find your installer to ask him to replace the exact low e window glass as previously. Or you can come to us for help. We Shenzhen Dragon Glass can help you customize the color appearance and performance data matching, we can do the best for you of the low-e window glass replacement.

energy saving performance data
Typical performance data of low e windows double glass.

5, How to manufacture low e glass for windows?

We Shenzhen Dragon glass has our own large area low-e glass coating line. The low e glass is produced by coating the glass with Silver, SiN, Metal layers, etc under a high vacuum magnetic sputtering environment.

low e glass coating line- low e window glass
Large area low-e glass coating line.

Later the low-e glass will be sent to cutting and grinding and tempering and insulating process to be produced as double glazed glass or triple glazed glass, etc.

insulating glass process
Production process for windows double glass.

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass low e window glass products details

windows double glass
Low e wIndows double glass

7, Low e window glass properties

Product nameSplendid 24mm double low e window glass cost, 6mm low-e+12A+6mm clear;
Excellent 28mm windows double glass suppliers. 8mm low-e+12A+8mm clear.
Glass colorClear, low iron, green, blue, grey, etc.
Glass thickness6+6mm, 8+8mm, other thickness can be customized.
Spacer thickness12A, other thickness such as 6A, 9A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 19A, 20A, etc all available;
Spacer colorSilver, black, grey, colorful;
Argon gasOptional
Low-e typeOnline low e glass; Single low e glass; double low e glass;
Glass typeClear windows double glass, tinted windows double glass, patterned windows double glass,
ceramic frit low e windows double glass, digital printed low e windows double glass,
Heat soaked test low e windows double glass, etc.
Windows typeSliding windows, swing windows, fix windows, etc.
Frame materialHigh quality aluminum frame.
QualitySubject to IGCC and CE, etc.
PackingStrong plywood crates packing.
Max size2500*7500mm.
Low e glass
windows cost
22.99~59.9 USD/SQM.

8, Applications

low e glass windows cost
Windows low e glass applications.

9, Certifications.


10, Strong packing and safe delivery.

strong plywood crates packing and safely delivery
Strong packing and safe delivery

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