3 reasons why you should use excellent triple glazed glass

triple glazing glass

3 reasons why you should use excellent triple glazed glass

triple glazing glass

1, What is triple glazed glass?

Triple glazed glass is also called triple glazing glass panels, it is made by using three glass panels(usually tempered) separated with two aluminum spacers in between, sealing with butyl sealant and structural sealant to achieve excellent soundproofing and super high energy-saving functions. Triple glazed glass is mostly used in places where temperature varies very dramatically for winter and summer. Such as Russia, Mongolia, Canada, New Zealand, or Norway, Iceland, etc.

triple glazed windows 2
Triple glazing glass

2, Triple glazed low e windows configuration.

Triple glazed glass u value is extremely low if using low e glass for the configurations, it can reach U-value<0.7W/m2·K. In places where the climate is extremely cold, infrared light is the main source of warmth, triple glazed low e windows can help reflect the infrared lights inside, thus keeping warm and reduce the warming cost.

There are a few choices for choosing triple glazed low e windows:

single panel low e:

single low e panel triple glazing glass
Single low e panels triple glazing glass

two panels low e:

double low e panel triple glazing glass
double low e panels triple glazing glass

3, Are triple glazed windows soundproof?

Most people are asking this question, do triple glazed windows reduce noise? Will triple glazing stop traffic noise?

The answer is definitely yes. Double glazing has soundproofing performance >32 dB+, whereas triple glazing glass will enhance to about 38 dB+.

4, Triple glazing glass will help reduce the condensation.

With three layers of insulation, if argon gas also filled, triple glazing glass will completely avoid the condensation comparing to double glazing or single panel.

double glazing glass condensation
Condensation on the inside of a double glazed window without argon gas filled.

5, Triple glazed vs double glazed

Most people will dwell on this question: how to choose between triple glazed vs double glazed?

Here are some tips for your reference:

  1. Consider the usage: if you are living in a place where the climate is extremely cold. Triple glazed windows will be more suitable;
  2. Consider the window frame: the triple glazed glass will have higher performance, but the weight will raise accordingly, besides, the width of the triple glazed is much wider than double glazed, one main concern is if the frame can endure the weight as well as fit the width;
  3. Consider the performance design, double glazed glass with low e coating glass can reach U-value<1.8W/m2·K, but if you need the U-value<1.2W/m2·K or even lower, no doubt that triple glazed glass is the option. 

6, Are triple glazed windows worth it?

Triple glazed windows price will be about 30%~40% higher than double glazed windows. However, consider the energy saving cost for the air conditioner or the heating power, triple glazed windows will compensate for the price in the long run.

7, Typical triple glazed glass performance data:

Here below we Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides some typical triple glazed glass as well as comparing the double glazed glass performance data for your reference.

triple glazing glass performance data
Shenzhen Dragon Glass typical low e coating glass performance data

8, How is triple glazed glass made?

The triple glazed glass producing process is mostly the same as double glazing glass. The only difference is you have to do the butyl sealant twice and the structural sealant as well. Most triple glazed glass panel manufacturers are doing this process manually, therefore it will cause some potential risk of quality problems such as scratches or lack of sealant causing leaking problems. We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are adopting the world advanced auto sealing insulating line- Bystronic insulating line, which can do the sealant fully automatically. Fully guarantee high quality triple glazing.

Shenzhen dragon glass insulated lines
Bystronic fully automatic sealing lines for triple glazing
Triple glazing glass with carefully glass matching
Carefully matching the butyl & aluminum spacer with the glass

9, Applications:

Triple glazed glass has super high performance, therefore is very suitable for windows, facade, or glass wall, etc.

Triple glazing windows
Triple glazing glass for windows & facade in cold climate

10, Properties:

Product nameTriple glazed windows, triple glazed glass
Glass thickness5mm~19mm
Glass colorclear, low iron, grey, bronze, green, blue, pink, etc
Low e typeSolar reflective coating; single silver low e; double silver low e; etc
Spacer6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 20A, 27A, etc.
Spacer colorsSilver, black, grey, etc.
Sealing typeDouble sealing method to ensure no leaking.
Argon gasoptional
Quality standardCE & ASTM;
Max size2700*6000mm

11, Where to buy triple glazed glass panels?

As one of the best triple glazed glass panel manufacturers in China, we Shenzhen Dragon Glass can offer excellent triple glazed windows for sale with super high performance and a very satisfying price.

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