Ultimate guidance for 7 types of excellent glass partition wall configurations

Digital printing glass partition wall

Ultimate guidance for 7 types of excellent glass partition wall configurations

Digital printing glass partition wall

The glass partition wall system is widely adopted for commercial & residential applications because of its simplify beauty & sense of modern design. It will help people get a delightful sense of space for working and living. Therefore, It is commonly used for office and bathroom or home dividers.

Here we are discussing about 7 types of excellent glass partition walls configurations.

1, 10mm 12mm low iron clear tinted tempered glass partition wall

The most popular option for the glass partition nowadays is 10mm or 12mm tempered glass. This is because 10mm or 12mm tempered glass has very high strength which can endure a strong impact. It will do no harm to human beings even if it is broken by the extremely high impact because it will shatter into small pieces with obtuse angles.

The reason for choosing 10mm & 12mm tempered glass for the partition wall system is because it is economical compared to 15mm or 19mm toughened glass and it is easier to install. Whereas 8mm or 6mm 5mm tempered glass might be a little too weak for large area standing.

Frosted glass can be quite a good choice if you have simple pattern designs or privacy functions required.

clear frosted tempered glass partition with good price
10mm 12mm clear frosted tempered glass partition for offices

2, 10mm 12mm digital printing glass partition wall

When glass partition wall meets digital printing glass, it will manifest a super fantastic sense of art.

Digital printing glass is to melt inorganic ink to the surface of glass through high temperature to form an effect similar to porcelain enamel. 


  1. High Dimension patterns with multiple colors. Up to1440*1440dpi;
  2. Anti-scratches & acid resistant;
  3. Any kinds of patterns available;
Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers competitive digital printing glass partition price
Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers competitive digital printing glass partition price

3, 10mm 12mm ceramic frit glass partition wall

Another pattern glass partition design process would be ceramic frit glass.

Ceramic frit glass is also called silk screen printing glass, it is using a tempering process to make the frit glazed on glass permanently.  

The ceramic frit glass partition wall has a good decoration effect such as dot or bar design, gradient glass design, etc. The ceramic frit glass partition is much more economic than the digital printing glass partition. Its colors are also adjustable. Ceramic frit glass is very suitable for large-scale partition wall projects.

Gradient color ceramic frit glass partition wall with excellent design.
Gradient colors ceramic frit glass partition for offices

4, 5+5mm 6+6mm laminated safety glass partition wall

One question you may ask: How to make glass partition soundproof?

Well, here is a good option: use 5+5mm, 6+6mm laminated safety glass. Choosing 5+5mm&6+6mm also are taking easy installation into consideration.

Comparing to single 10mm or 12mm glass, 5+5mm 6+6mm laminated glass partition has advantages:

  • Soundproofing: 35dB+ sound deduction;
  • Super high strength: 2+ times higher than single 10mm or 12mm toughened glass panels;
  • Completely safe: even if one or two glass is broken, the broken pieces will still stick together in the PVB interlayer;
  • Multiple color designs;
colorful laminated glass partition price
Colorful laminated glass partition

5, 5+5mm 6+6mm insulated glass partition wall

Another soundproofing glass partition wall option will be 5+5mm 6+6mm insulated glass. The insulated glass partition wall can adopt frosted glass or low e glass to enhance privacy function and energy-saving function.

  • Glass colors: low iron, clear, tinted, etc;
  • Glass types: Frosted glass, digital printing glass, low e glass, solar reflective glass, ceramic frit glass, blind inside, etc;
  • Aluminum spacer: 6A,9A,12A,15A, etc;
  • Gas filled: argon, dry air, etc;
  • Soundproofing: 35dB+ noise deduction;
blind insulated glass partition system.
Blind insulated glass partition for offices

6, Curved glass partition wall

Curved shape glass partition wall sometimes is necessary for the architectural structure or due to some special design concerns.

Curved glass is made by glass heated to about 600~700 degrees and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet, in the meantime, the glass is curved according to the set curved shape mold.

Most of the curved glass partition wall systems are used as a fixed glass. Sometimes it will combine with an aluminum frame system to make it a glass partition wall with a sliding door. Like the below pictures:

curved glass partition for offices
Curved glass wall

7, PDLC glass partition wall

Recently PDLC glass partition wall is very popular in glass partition wall system designs. PDLC glass is also called smart glass or switchable glass. It has certain electricity power connecting to the PDLC film which is laminated between the glass panels. When the power is off, the glass is obscure with a milky white state. When the power is on, the glass will completely turn clear. In some countries, they call PDLC glass “magic glass”. Very funny but this kind of glass is really amazing when you are using it for office glass partitions or toilet glass partitions etc.


  • Transmittance: 1%~85% adjustable;
  • Glass color: low iron, clear, tinted, frosted, etc;
  • Laminated interlayer: EVA;
  • Interlayer color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, etc;
  • Patterns: digital printing patterns or ceramic frit patterns available;
  • Max size: 2000mm * 4200mm;
  • Max thickness: 12mm+12mm;

Where to buy glass partition wall system?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best glass partition manufacturers in China, can provide not only super great quality partition wall glass as above, but also can provide glass partition with aluminum frame.

If you have any glass partition wall projects, contact us for a free quotation now!


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