5~12 mm super elegant fluted glass interior design application

Interior design application of Super elegantly simple linear fluted glass

5~12 mm super elegant fluted glass interior design application

Interior design application of Super elegantly simple linear fluted glass

What is fluted glass?

Fluted glass is identifiable by its vertical grooves. It’s also known as textured glass, privacy glass, or ribbed glass. Is highly popular among architects and interior designers looking to add texture to space whilst diffusing light and adding an element of privacy.

It is one of the latest interior design trends within both residential and commercial properties. This decorative glass is crafted with smooth vertical patterns providing an elegant combination of visibility and privacy. The linear curves create the illusion of smooth flowing streams of water especially in clear glass, offering a sense of clarity that benefits any room. The fluted structure of this decorative glass enables light to dance from flute to flute for a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

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fluted also called textured glass, privacy glass, or ribbed glass

How can fluted glass work with interior design?

Designers also like to call fluted glass ribbed glass, this elegantly simple linear glass texture is a timeless classic an outstanding complement to most styles of decor. Ribbed glass solves the problem of creating privacy while still maintaining a light and airy interior spaces, it is ideal for internal rooms where the desire for space and privacy meet. The ribbed glass delicately distorts the view through the glass pane while allowing light to stream through, perfect for bathrooms, offices, or spaces where a slight element of privacy is desired.

Ribbed glass work with windows and door systems

Aluminum windows and door systems with fluted glass are becoming a design trend. Doors With its ribbed-style, fluted glass great incorporated into bathroom and hallway doors. Homeowners are creating open-plan rooms that trying to make the most of the sunlight within their homes, allow daylight to continuously flow throughout the property. However, maintaining a level of privacy.

Ribbed glass work with partition systems

No matter in interior home designs or commercial settings, fluted glass can also be used within partition systems. It is also a great option to create partitions in larger rooms without making space feel smaller. The texture of the glass diffuses the harsh glares of direct sunlight to create a soft warm glow. To commercial settings, resulting in comfortable board rooms and meeting areas. To interior home designs, these internal systems are ideal to temporarily divide a kitchen off from a dining, living area, or for home offices.

Ribbed glass work with furniture cabinet systems

If your house is being renovated, you are been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest lately you would’ve noticed that many interior designers are incorporating fluted glass into their kitchen cabinetry, restaurant, laundry, or wardrobe space. The fluted glass looks great in cabinetry because it’s modern while also paying homage to the art deco period. The most useful thing about fluted glass is its can hides the items inside but gives the unit a lighter feel than might have been the case with a solid door.

Ribbed glass work with shower screen systems

More so than other kinds of glass, the bespoke reeded glass shower screens offer a natural retro-chic and subtle concealment that isn’t overpoweringly decorative. With fluted glass you get the sense of space, making it the perfect choice for a shower or bath screen in a small room. And the sleek lines perfectly complement any fixtures and fittings, while effortlessly diffusing light. Using fluted glass on vanities is also a great way of displaying bathroom products, without fully revealing them.

fluted glass
fluted glass work with interior design

How to produce fluted glass?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to produce fluted glass.

The first one is using a hot rolling method to form a ribbed glass effect. This method is relatively simple. It is heating glass to soften point and then transfer to the metal roller to roll on the glass surface. Making the grooves as certain shapes. Ribbed glass produced by this method cost is lower. But the option of patterns is limited.

The other method is using carving or etching methods produced by glass engraving machines. Firstly design the patterns as your need in CAD drawing and input them into the computer, later transform the patterns into CNC engraving glass machines. The engraving machines will carve the glass and polish the lines to form the exactly designed patterns. In this way, all you have to do is to provide your requirement for the drawings.

fluted glass product
Shenzhen Dragon Glass fluted glass product

What is the color I can choose for fluted glass?

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass can provide many colors for fluted glass, like low iron, clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, pink, etc.

The most popular color is low iron. The low iron glass is the glass specially manufactured to have a lower iron oxide content. Standard ‘clear’ glass is not completely clear, it has a slight green tint due to the presence of iron oxide. From an internal perspective, low iron glass can achieve high light transmission.

Quality of fluted glass

  • Subject to ISO9001:
  • Subject to ASTM;
  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to AS;



Packing details

strong plywood crates packing for fluted glass
strong plywood crates packing for fluted glass

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