4-19mm excellent digital printing on glass price

digital printed glass price

4-19mm excellent digital printing on glass price

digital printed glass price

1, What is digital printing on glass?

Digital printing on glass is also called digital ceramic printing glass, is to print inorganic ink with a diameter of less than 2μm on the surface of the glass through digital printing technology, with high-temperature tempering and melting at 680-720 degrees, the color and pattern are permanently melted into the surface of the glass.

Glass digital ceramic printing melts inorganic ink to the surface of glass through high temperatures to form an effect similar to porcelain enamel. Color and texture with the same lifespan as glass.

Digital printing on glass can greatly broaden designers’ inspiration for glass applications. With the exploration of glass aesthetics, digital printing glass becomes more and more important when designing a unique architecture.

digital printing on glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass digital printing on glass products

2, Advantages of digital printing on glass

  1. Can be used in indoor and outdoor partitions such as windows without worrying about weather resistance;
  2. Comparing to other processes, there is no limit to the imaginations or designs, any patterns can be printed on the glass;
  3. High resolution: 1440*1440 dpi;
  4. Anti-scratch, surface hardness reaches 6H grade;
  5. Acid-resistant, can endure strong acid within 6 hours without changing colors;
  6. Can be further processed as tempered glass, curved glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, etc to enhance certain functions;
  7. Glass digital ceramic printing can realize the pattern mixing effect of full glass or partial, any graphics, and brightness, and any transparency.
digital printing glass price
Digital ceramic glass printing for curtain wall

3, Digital printing glass VS silk screen printing glass

One of the comparisons we will discuss is when we are designing for a glass project, whether to choose digital printing on glass or silk screen printing glass?

Generally speaking, when you are designing a very complex pattern with multiple colors, then no doubt that you should choose digital printing glass.

When patterns are simple and the color is within 3 kinds, if the quantity is small, digital printing glass will still be recommended. Otherwise, larger quantity with simple pattern design, silk screen printing glass is a better choice for economic concern.

Digital printing on glass VS silk screen printing glass
Digital printing glass VS silk screen printing glass

4, Specifications

  1. Product name: Digital printing glass;
  2. Glass thickness: 4-19mm;
  3. Glass color: Clear, low iron, grey, blue, green, pink, bronze, etc;
  4. Patterns: As per the client’s design;
  5. Further process: laminating, insulating, etc to enhance other performance.
  6. Max size: 2600*7500mm;
  7. Capacity: 1000 sqm/day;
  8. Quality: subject to CE & ASTM.

5, Applications

  1. Facade or curtain wall;
  2. Windows & doors;
  3. Partition walls;
  4. Glass railings;
  5. Tabletops;
  6. Shower doors;
  7. Other interior designs, etc
digital printing glass applications for facade railing partition wall shower room
Digital printing glass applications

6, Digital printing production line (Dip-tech):

digital printing glass machine
Digital ceramic printing glass machine

7, Digital printing glass price

Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers super competitive digital printing glass prices based on the highest quality level.

If you have a detailed size list or drawings, accurate digital printing glass prices will be provided immediately.

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