Superior 4-19mm sandblasted glass suppliers

sandblasting etched glass China

Superior 4-19mm sandblasted glass suppliers

sandblasting etched glass China

1, What is sandblasted glass?

Sandblasted glass is also called sand blasted glass in different regions, it is processed by using sand material(sometimes iron) to cause the glass surface “abrasive” under strong high pressure. Usually, the pressure is achieved by a strong wind jet. This sandblasting process can make the glass surface in a “frosted glass” effect, which can help provide a private function or decoration function.

Sandblasted glass for partition walls
Sandblasting glass for partition wall decoration

2, Why use sandblasting glass?


  1. Achieve frosted effect which can help keep privacy;
  2. Multiple patterns available;
  3. Process simple and fast;
  4. Varies applications like railing, shower doors, windows, doors, etc.

3, Sandblasted glass vs acid etched glass

ComparisonSandblasted glassAcid-etched glass
FunctionsPrivacy & decorationPrivacy & decoration
Multiple patternsAvailableAvailable
Production timeFast( processed in 1 day)Slow (cost extra 3~4 days)

4, Production process

For mass production(>500SQM) process:

  • Firstly, Have the sandblasted glass sheet cut to size;
  • Secondly, Do the edge-work, fine polished or matte polished;
  • Thirdly, Drill if there are any hols;
  • Fourthly, Do the glass tempering to enhance safety and strength.
sanblasting glass
Large sheet sandblasting glass raw material.

For scattered production(<300SQM) process:

  • Firstly, cut raw glass material to desired sizes;
  • Secondly, do the edge-work for the glass;
  • Thirdly, drill holes if there are any;
  • Fourthly, stick tap on the glass to form patterns(if none, skip this step);
  • Fifthly, do the sandblasting process;
  • Finally, tempering to enhance the glass performance.
Sandblasting process.

5, Applications:

With its unique privacy keeping function and decoration effect, sandblasted glass is widely used in interior designs such as:

Sand blasted glass shower doors
Shower doors
sandblasting glass deviders
sandblasting glass windows
Gass windows

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass sand blasted glass properties:

Product nameSandblasted glass;
Glass colorslow iron, clear, green, grey, blue, bronze, etc
Shapecurved / flat;
Sandblasting typesfull-screen sandblasting, partially sandblasting,
both sides sandblasting, OEM patterns, etc.
FunctionKeeping privacy, decoration, etc;
QualitySubject to CE & ASTM standard;
Further processlaminating, insulating, coating, etc;
Additional functionsenergy saving, soundproofing, bulletproof, etc;
Max size2440*3660;
Capacity3000 SQM/day.

7, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best glass suppliers in China can provide you:

  • Splendid quality supplied at a very good price.
  • Fast delivery guaranteed by super large capacity.
  • Strong wooden crates packing guarantee safety for long way transportation.
  • Multiple certifications such as CCC, CE, ASTM, ISO9001 & BS.
  • 25 years of glass processing experience.
  • Strong delivery ability. No worries about shipping problems.
  • The experienced technical team always ready to provide you the best solutions.

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