Fantastic design frosted glass shower doors & 5 ways to achieve it?

frosted glass shower doors

Fantastic design frosted glass shower doors & 5 ways to achieve it?

frosted glass shower doors

1, Why use frosted glass shower doors?

When you are trying to upgrade the glass shower door, there will be always many ideas coming to your mind. You will think and think about the design of the shower door glass installation to the type of shower door glass you use. One question might come to your mind, which type of glass shall I choose for glass shower doors? Frosted glass shower doors VS clear glass shower doors? Don’t worry, let me explain here.

There are generally 3 kinds of glass shower doors designs: Frosted shower doors VS Clear VS partially frosted shower doors.

Clear glass shower doors will provide spacey feelings when the shower room is small.

But partially frosted glass shower doors or fully frosted glass shower doors can preserve you a sense of modern design and keeping privacy, sometimes a mystery. Several design options like textured glass shower doors or bar type glass shower doors or patterned etched glass shower doors are optional.

frosted shower doors vs clear

Here we are going to discuss:

2, How to make frosted glass shower doors?

There are 5 ways to make frosted glass shower doors:

1, Sandblasting glass shower doors

Sandblasting currently is the most common way to achieve a frosted effect. It is transferring flat glass to a sandblasting machine, with high pressure of strong wind jet, the small sand is blasted on the surface to form a frosted effect. Later the sandblasted glass will be further processed as toughened glass or laminated glass.

Sometimes we can stick some tapes on the glass surface to block the sand, thus making the frosted glass doors form different kinds of patterns.

sandblasting glass shower door

2, Acid etched glass shower doors

Acid etched glass shower doors is one of the oldest decorative methods. When you are using this method, the acid will be applied to the surface of the glass(usually both sides). The acid will melt the glass surface and form a smooth, desired translucent effect. One main advantage of this etched glass shower doors over sandblasting frosted glass shower door is it will touch much softer and smoother.

etched glass shower doors

3, Ceramic frit printing

Ceramic frit printing is another method to form a frosted effect for glass shower doors. This method is far more controllable for the transmittance or the patterns. It is using a ceramic frit on the glass to form a kind of “permanent coating”. Choosing this kind of method can make your design multiple options like dots, bars, gradient, full screen, different colors, etc.

ceramic frit glass shower doors

4, Laminated with a translucent PVB

Laminated glass with a translucent PVB is combining two glass panels with translucent PVB to form a frosted effect. Translucent laminated glass can have much higher strength than normal single frosted glass. And is much safer for even it is broken, the glass pieces will still be combining with the pvb interlayer. It is highly recommended to choose a laminated option when the budget is sufficient.

translucent pvb glass shower doors

5, Apply a translucent film

It should be the easiest way to achieve the frosted effect to apply the translucent film on the glass. Multiple patterns or designs can be brought to your ideas. It is also the most cost-effect way whereas you can change any design when you are feeling tired of one style.

Here is one video which you can refer to:

3, What Shenzhen Dragon Glass can help you?

When you have any ideas for frosted glass shower doors, you can feel free to share with us and we can provide the best solution for you.

  • Glass thickness: 4mm~19mm;
  • Glass colors: low iron, clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc;
  • Glass shape: flat/curved;
  • Applications: Frosted glass shower doors, half frosted glass shower doors, frosted shower doors with design, other application such as facade skylight windows & doors are available too;
  • Frosted methods: Acid etched/sandblasting/ceramic frit printing/laminating/frosted film applying, etc;
  • Accessories: steel or aluminum, optional;
  • Glass quality: subject to ASTM & CE high standard;
  • Max size: 3200* 12000mm;
  • Capacity: 4000SQM/day;

4, Shenzhen Dragon Glass production details:

Accurate cutting lines; High speed grinding machines, Super flat & spotless tempering machines; Dust-free lamination room; Ceramic frit glass room, etc.

shenzhen dragon glass machines

Strict quality inspection for each process to make sure no flaws in the glass products:

glass process testing



Strong plywood crates packing to ensure glass product safety during long-distance transportation.

strong plywood packing

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