7 kinds of excellent performance energy saving glass

energy saving glass

7 kinds of excellent performance energy saving glass

energy saving glass

Energy saving glass is also referred to as energy-efficient glass. It is a kind of glass which can prevent heat transferring by windows or facade, etc. Here below we are going to present you with several types of energy-saving glass. Welcome to discuss this with us anytime.

1, Online low e coating glass

This type of low e coating glass is also called hard coated low e glass. It is produced by CVD methods which principle is doing the spray coating during float glass producing. The coating strongly adheres to the glass surface.

Online low e coating glass advantages is that it can be used as single tempered glass panels, you are free of the worrying of the coating will be oxidized or corrosion. It offers a good energy performance whereas can also keep your cost in the budget.

The main disadvantages for online low e coating glass is that it lacks colors diversity. Sometime design for architect will be restricted by this.

2, Solar reflective coating glass

Solar reflective coating glass is produced by large area magnetic sputtering lines, which is also called offline coating, or soft coating. It is base on the PVD method. When the glass is off from the float line. It is transferred to the coating line. After coating SiNx & some metal interlayers, forming a solar reflective coating function.

Solar reflective coating glass can also be used as a single tempered glass panel. It can offer different colors of reflection colors but its energy saving function is not as good as online low e glass.

3, Single silver low e coating glass

This kind of low e glass is produced in the same way as solar reflective coating glass. The only difference is that it contains a silver layer as a function layer. As we all know, silver can reflect almost all the heat from solar radiation. But also because of this silver function layer, when it is exposed to air for a long time, it will be easily oxidized and make the low e glass malfunction and become obscure black. So this offline low e glass is only available for double insulated glass or triple insulated glass structure.

Advantages:variety of color design. Higher energy saving function. And soundproofing.

4, Double silver low e coating glass

Double silver low e coating glass is similar to single low e coating glass but it contains 2 layers of the silver layer which can enhance the energy saving function making it more energy efficient. It also has to be used as an insulated glass structure to prevent oxidizing.

5, Triple silver low e coating glass

Triple silver low e coating glass offers extreme energy saving function but it is still not stable for reflectance color controlling. And the production cost of this kind is also very high. Therefore only when designers have a very extremely high requirement for the performance data, this kind of coating glass is not quite suggested. When the view from a due angle, it will show a “reddish” color which is not good looking at all.

6, Double insulated low e glass

As mentioned above, offline low e coating glass has to be used as double insulated glass configuration. It will protect the silver function layers and also offers extra functions like soundproofing, lower U-value, etc. Sometimes, argon gas will be adopted to inject in the double insulated glass to make its performance even better.

7, Triple insulated low e glass

Triple insulated glass performance is better than double insulated glass. This kind of structure is mostly used where very cold areas such as Russian, Canada, New Zealand, Mongolia, Norway, Iceland, etc.

Energy saving glass performance

Of all the energy saving glass mentioned above, one typical performance data table will make it clearer for your understanding:

energy saving glass performance data
Shenzhen Dragon Glass energy saving glass ltd performance data

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a professional energy saving glass ltd company since 1994. We start producing low e coating glass since 2009. Our energy saving glass performance data and quality have been witnessed by time and clients around the world. Now we can provide you design-able color or performance data. Also, energy saving glass windows products are available.

Below is our large area low e coating line.

coating line 1
Energy saving glass windows production line

We also have strong QC team to make sure our coating glass quality:

1 1Z511115141191
SDG energy saving glass ltd color uniformity inspection
1 1Z511115155157
Optic performance inspection

Large area glass sheet energy saving glass storages:

energy saving glass sheets
Low e & solar reflective coating large sheets packing.
Energy saving glass windows products
Energy saving glass windows products

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