3 Kinds of Excellent Glass Shower Doors

frosted glass shower door

One of the most important elements to consider while designing your bathroom is the Glass Shower Door. However, choosing the right Shower Door for your bathroom might get a bit tricky, but that’s what we’re here for! This article goes through the pros and cons of different features and alterations of a Shower Door.

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Glass Shower Doors:

Glass Shower Doors are a norm these days. They’re classy, have an elegant look, and they enhance the overall delight of a good bath. The good thing about completely transparent Glass Shower Doors is that you don’t have to consider the color of your tiles. Transparent Glass Shower Doors is also a more stylish option than tinted glass. With transparent Glass Shower Doors, you also have a variety of glass patterns to choose from. Privacy is not usually an issue with transparent Glass Shower Doors since bathrooms lock from the inside. In any case, patterned Glass Shower Doors can offer some privacy.

Frosted glass shower door

Though, if you’re looking for a more distinctive look, it might be a good idea to consider tinted Glass Shower Doors. Grey tinted Glass Shower Doors are pretty common, and they, too, like completely transparent Glass Shower Doors, go well with all types and colors of tiles. You might like to consider blue-tinted Glass Shower Doors too since blue represents cleanliness. For a more characteristic look, you might like your tinted Glass Shower Door to be on the same color as your tiles or color contrasting with your tiles; Blue contrasts with Red and Yellow, for example.

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Frameless Shower Doors:

Frameless Shower Doors are yet another feature you should consider. If you’re looking for a decent look, Frameless Shower Doors is the way to go. Frameless Shower Doors are made of thicker tempered glass, which doesn’t need a frame to support it. Not being susceptible to breakage, Frameless Glass Doors can be much safer than Framed Glass Doors. Along with a simple look, Frameless Shower Doors are preferable to most people because there’s a variety of Glass Patterns you can choose for your Shower Door. Although there is a patterned glass door that isn’t frameless, Patterned Frameless Glass Doors look remarkably better. Frameless Glass Doors can also be easier to clean.

Frameless shower doors

Sliding Shower Doors:

The third most important feature is the Sliding Shower Doors. Sliding Shower Doors, as opposed to traditional shower doors, are and occupy less more stylish space since they don’t swing-out. With Sliding Shower Doors, you have the option to choose bypass doors, where both doors can be slid open, or a single sliding door while the other panel is fixed.

sliding shower doors


While shopping for a Glass Shower Door, it’s important to know your preferences. If you want a simple, modern look, transparent Glass Sliding Doors are the right choice. A patterned Glass Sliding Doors might suit you too. Tinted Glass Sliding Doors are another option for a characteristic look. Frameless Shower Doors look more decent and are made of tempered glass and hence can be safer. Sliding Shower Doors, as opposed to traditional doors, are more modern, stylish, and, more importantly, space-conserving.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass glass shower doors properties:

Product nameGlass shower doors
Colorclear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Thickness5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, etc
Shapeflat / curved
Accessoriesaluminum / stainless steel etc
Max sizecustomized, we can manufacture size up to (3300*13000mm)
CertificationsCE & ASTM & ISO9001 & CCC, etc
Capacity5000 SQM/day

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