5 tips for choosing super safe & beautiful laminated glass floor

clear laminated glass floor

5 tips for choosing super safe & beautiful laminated glass floor

clear laminated glass floor

1, Why use laminated glass flooring?

Have you ever imagined using laminated glass for floor? Here are some pictures which might give you inspirations:

breathtaking laminated glass floor
Laminated glass flooring with fantastic beauty

Take a good tour of glass for floor projects by a video here:

Here are several advantages you can expect from glass floor products:

1, Breathtaking view of beauty

Using clear glass or ultra clear glass, you can view very clear of the scenery downside, when you are on a specially high position, trust me, it will give you a breathtaking trill over the head!

laminated galss flooring

1.2 Super safe

With multiple layers of laminated glass for the floor, it can endure extremely high impact and remain unbroken. If you use SGP laminated glass for the floor, the strength will increase 5 times more.

strong laminated glass floor bridge
SGP laminated glass flooring enduring strong impact testing

1.3 Multiple antislip patterns options

With different anti-slip patterns, you can fully design the laminated glass for floor as you want.

laminated glass floor patterns
Different kinds of anti-slip patterns for laminated glass flooring

1.4 Elegant environment

Laminated glass flooring as well as glass railing, will cause humans a sense of space and elegance. Making you feel like entering a completely different world.

laminated glass floor 04
Laminated glass flooring for high building.

So when you are designing your villa or your commercial building, laminated glass for floor will be the perfect option!

2, But how to choose the best laminated glass flooring?

5 tips are below:

1, Consider your purpose: Do you need to view more clearly the downside, like from a higher place have an eagle eye on the ground? If yes, the clearer the glass, the better, choosing ultra clear( on the right) laminated glass for the floor will be better for you!

clear glass vs low iron glass

2, Consider human traffic: The more human traffic, the thicker you should choose for the laminated glass floor. Usually, for home or villa use, three layers of 8mm or 10mm toughened glass together with PVB lamination will be enough. But if you are using the laminated glass floor for bridge or where many people might stand on it simultaneously, more layers of glass or even SGP interlayers will be taken into consideration.

many people walking on the glass floor 副本
Human traffic will influence the glass floor design

3, Consider your anti-slip options: there are acid etched methods and ceramic frit methods to fulfill your anti-slip pattern design. For dot or bar etc, acid etched will be enough. If you need more complicated designs, the ceramic fritting process will be a better choice.

anti slip function
Anti slip patterns.

4, Consider functions: We can provide PDLC(also called smart glass) combine into the laminated glass floor, making it super magic that when you turn the electricity on, it is clear, when the power is off, it is obscure.

5, Consider your budget: Of course the thicker of laminated glass for floor, the safer.

But it does not mean the thicker, the better!

When the glass is too thick, It will be too heavy to be easily installed. Let alone it will infect the building structural design as well. So choosing the best solution means guaranteeing your fundamental safety and building beauty and cost within your budget. We Shenzhen Dragon Glass has a professional technical team to help you with that.

3, Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass floor products for reference:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass floor products
Laminated glass flooring products

4, Our certifications:

Shenzhen Dragon Gass certifications for tempered, lamianted, insulated glass

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