CE certified factory 4~25mm good tempered glass price

Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered gass fine polished edge

CE certified factory 4~25mm good tempered glass price

Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered gass fine polished edge

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is founded in 1994, a professional glass manufacturer providing excellent quality tempered glass to clients from around the world with good reputations. Focus on each process of glass producing, we are dedicated to making each piece of glass perfect. Large quantity output ensuring our tempered glass price very competitive in the glass market.

fine polished tempered glass perfect edge no flaw

Super flat surface with perfect edgeworks!

Definitely no harm to humans during installation.

Tempering process: heating the edge worked glass to over 600 degrees temperatures and cool down with the strong wind jet, making the glass form high pressure on the surface and balanced tension in the interior. Increasing tempered glass 5 times strength.

Super flat and no distortion with flat mirror effect!

Tempered glass with no distortions
Tempered glass enjoy good scenery

High transmittance!

You can enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful scenery out there!

Super tough !

Our tempered glass can endure powerful impact.

Super safe!

Even break after accidentally extreme impact, the tempered glass will have no sharp angles, which will do no harm to humans.

Tempered glass breakages

A brief view of how we produce tempered glass:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass cutting lines

Adopting the top A grade quality glass raw material.

Glass cutting machines

Accurate glass size cutting by advanced machines with no chips no scratches

Accurate drilling

Drilling holes with accurate sizes and positions

Careful quality control inspection making sure each piece of glass perfect before delivery.

Quality control testing

Impact testing and stress inspection when all ok, then put into mass productions.

quality control system
tempered glass packing details.

Strong plywood crates to make sure glass products safety during long-distance transportation


Due to its high strength & safety, tempered glass is now widely used as façade, curtain wall, railing, canopy, sunrooms, windows, doors, shower rooms, etc. If you would like to enhance the glass safety function, you could make it laminated tempered glass.

Applications of tempered glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered glass features

Product nameTempered glass / toughened glass
Colorclear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Glass thickness:4~25mm
Glass shape:Flat/ curved.
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, railing, skylights, balcony balustrade, windows, etc.
CertificationsASTM, CE, ISO9001, CCC, etc
Max size3300 * 13000mm
Capacity5000 sqm/day

Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

  1. We are one of top 10 tempered glass manufacturers in Guangdong province.
  2. Good quality raw materials float glass.
  3. Fine and advanced machines to process precisely.
  4. Strict quality control systems to make sure high quality before sending to our clients.
  5. Multiple certifications like CE /IGCC /SGCC/ISO9001.
  6. Strong packing leaves no worry for the shipping security.
  7. Fast responding within 3 minutes and provide solutions in 24 hours.


Shenzhen Dragon Gass certifications for tempered, lamianted, insulated glass

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