Superb soundproofing laminated windows 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm

Have you ever been annoyed by the noise of traffic or the noisy children playing games or the voice of humans talking loud, etc? Making you feel like something getting into your mind and you just want it to get away and get quiet?

get noisy environment without laminated windows.
How to reduce noice by choosing the right glass for windows?

Here we have solutions for you! Superb soundproofing laminated windows! With these soundproofing laminated glass windows, you can enjoy a quiet sleep or an attentive reading.

1, What is laminated glass window?

Laminated glass windows generally are made of two or more pieces of glass panels sandwiched together by a PVB or SGP interlayer. This kind of configuration can help you prevent sound transfer. Laminated glass windows for noise reductions can reach 30dB+. You can design your laminated glass windows as double laminated, triple laminated, or even multiple laminating windows, several tinted colors of glass can be your options, or you can choose the color PVB to be your unique design.

varies of laminated windows options.
Multiple choices for laminating windows design

2, What is the benefit when you are using laminated glass windows?

1, High strength & safe, not easy to break into when there are any thefts trying to break in. You can even enhance the anti-theft function with a metal net laminated inside to connect with the police line. So that when there is any intent to break through the laminated windows, it will trigger the alarm.

Super safe lamianted windows

2, Super high glass transmittance ensuring you see through clearly the outside scenery. You can enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful beach.

laminated windows hotel
The modern luxury bedroom opens to the patio with an ocean view

3, Super soundproofing function to make sure you have good sleep at night and a noiseless environment when you are reading.

reading in a quiet laminated windows room
Quietly reading books inside the soundproofing laminated glass window
sleeping in a quiet laminated windows room
Sleeping like a baby in a quiet environment provided by laminating windows.

3, With so many benefits of laminating windows, you may wonder how to produce it?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass adopts top A quality float glass for raw material. After cutting the glass to your windows sizes. Do the edge works, and transfer to the tempering lines. Heating the glass to over 620-degree temperature and then cooling down rapidly with a strong wind jet, thus increasing the glass strength high up to five times more.

After the glass tempering process, the glass will be paired and put into laminating lines. In a clean and dry lamination room, we will put the PVB or SGP interlayer between the glass panels. Strictly controlling the glass processing with a quality control system. Make sure that no bubbles and no overstep occur. Below is how we process the laminating windows.

tempered laminated glass process

4, Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated windows properties:

Production NameLaminated glass windows
Glass thickness3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, etc;
5+5+5mm, 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm, etc
Other thickness is customizable.
Glass colorclear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Glass interlayersPVB / SGP / EVA
FunctionSoundproofing, safety, good decoration, high strength, etc
Noise Reduction30dB+
ApplicationWindows, other kinds like doors, facade, railing, floor, etc are also available.
CertificationsSGCC/CCC/CE/ISO9001, etc
Max size3200*12000mm
Capacity2000 SQM/Day

5, Quality control details:

Each process will influence the final products’ quality! So we have a strict QC team to make sure our laminating windows’ quality is perfect before moving to the next process. Below are several details showing our QC flow.

glass process testing

6, Certifications

Certifications of laminated windows

7, Several other questions you might be interested in?

1, How to distinguish the quality of laminated glass?

The good laminated glass should contain no bubbles no chips no scratches and no delamination. 1) Check the process machines, advanced machines can make sure the laminated glass surface has no contamination and size accurate; 2) Check the QC files, good and complete QC system is the guarantees of the good quality; 3) Check the certifications, it is a good way to show the suppliers having strong power for production. Others.

2, Could we provide a window frame as well?

Yes, we are a professional glass manufacturer for over 26 years, and we have good partners of aluminum or steel suppliers which can cooperate with us to provide you with the best quality and price.

3, Are laminated windows energy efficient?

Generally speaking, laminated glass has some energy efficient functions, it can prevent the UV light from coming through due to PVB inter-layer. So it will be very healthy for humans living inside. Besides, it can prevent the furniture from aging due to UV light from solar lights.

4, Are there other functions I can have for laminated windows?

Yes! You can choose the coated glass for your laminated windows to enhance the energy-saving function. You can also use ceramic frit glass to make your windows with multiple patterns design. You can also make it milky white or frosted glass to show mysterious feelings. etc.

5, What is the laminated glass windows price?

It will depend on your size, quantity, configurations, with or without frames, etc. So just contact us and we will provide the best solution for you at any time.

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