5 excellent glass curtain wall systems solutions.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass- glass curtain wall system

5 excellent glass curtain wall systems solutions.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass- glass curtain wall system

what is glass curtain wall?

Glass curtain wall is also called glass façade, refers to the building envelope structure or decorative structure that has a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure by the supporting structure system but does not share the load-bearing of the main structure. The wall is available in single or double glazing. Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of building wall decoration, which is a prominent feature in the era of modernist high-rise buildings. We can call it “the skin of the building”.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass- glass curtain wall system

What is the benefit using glass curtain wall systems?

Glass curtain wall systems offers exquisite beauty for the architecture. For the exterior, it will manifest like a total mirror, from interior will have a vast scene through the glass. It will give people sense of space and letting in sun shines which can make the whole building much brighter. By using energy efficient glass, the glass curtain wall will save the electricity power etc.

What types of glass is good for curtain wall systems?

Single tempered glass panels:

Single tempered glass panel is the most economic option for curtain wall system. It offers high strength and good looking appearance. But due to tempered glass has a tendency for self explosion for a very little chance(0.3%), Laminated safety glass will be more suggested.

tempered glass facade 1

Laminated safety glass panels:

Comparing to tempered glass panels, laminated glass offers higher safety function. Because even tempered glass is broken accidentally, the broken pieces will glue together by the pvb or sgp interlayers in between. If you consider energy saving function, then double insulated glass panels will be suggested.

laminated safety glass for curtain wall systems

Double insulated glass panels;

Double insulated glass panels can have good soundproofing function and good visual light whereas lower heat transfer from outside to the inside. Low U value. If you choose a low e coating glass energy saving will be enhance to U<1.8 W/m2K. This means when you living or working inside, you will feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

double low e insulated glass panels for curtain wall systems

Triple insulated glass panels;

insulated glass panels is suggested for places where weather is extremely cold places
like Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, etc. As the U value is lower
than 1 W/m2K. It will prevent almost all the heat transfer whereas the visual
light is still there.

Argon gas filled in between will enhance the thermal function.

shenzhen Dragon Glass triple insulated glass curtain wall system for cold era.

Other functions like pattern decoration or frosted treatment will also make your curtain wall system special.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass pattern glass curtain wall systems

Performance for different types of glass curtain wall

Here we provide some typical performance data for reference:

shenzhen Dragon Glass performance data for glass curtain wall systems

Features of Shenzhen Dragon Glass curtain wall systems:

Product name Glass curtain wall glass systems
Glass color Clear, ultra clear, green, blue, bronze, grey, etc
Glass thickness 5~25 mm single pane, multiple layers available.
Certifications CE & ASTM & BS & ISO9001
Applications Glass curtain wall, façade, Windows.
Max size 3300*13000 mm
Shape Flat/curved
Capacity Tempered glass 5000 SQM/day
Laminated glass 1500 SQM/day
Insulated glass 2000 SQM/day

Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

  1. We are one of the most efficient glass manufacturers in China;
  2. We have 26 years of glass procession experience, has full experience of quality and cost control for glass curtain wall systems;
  3. Most advanced machines making sure our glass quality high;
  4. We have strict QC system to guarantee our glass curtain wall products quality.
  5. Click video to view how we manufacture curtain wall glass by Lisec intelligent plant.
  6. Strong plywood to make sure our glass products safety during long distance transportation.
  7. Multiple certifications like CE & ASTM & SGCC & ISO9001, etc
  8. Professional service team to respond in several minutes and solution provided in 24 hours.

What is the glass curtain wall cost?

Different solutions of glass curtain wall will subject different different glass curtain wall price. We will design a perfect solution according to your architecture and budget.

Welcome to consult freely with Shenzhen Dragon Glass.


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