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1, Exquisite sense of beauty!

12mm thick toughened glass railing makes a good sense of space for interior or exterior design. Compared to other materials, pure glass can offer space, light, simplify inspirations for designers. People living in such an environment are tending to have delightful attitudes.

12mm thick toughened glass railing
Glass railing system

2, High strength!

12mm thick toughened glass is more than 5 times stronger compared to normal 12mm float glass, strength up to 100Mpa able to endure the strong wind load or strong impact by humans or tools. Below is a video for reference:

Guinness Record Challenger fails to challenge Chinese toughened glass

3, Super safe!

12mm thick toughened glass railing is super safe. After the toughening(also called tempering) process, the glass is heated to around 700 degrees and then cooled down rapidly by a strong wind jet, making the glass surface under compression status whereas in tension for the interior. This thermal treatment ends up in 12mm toughened glass strength increase up to 5 times and even when this 12mm toughened glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces of glass with obtuse angles that do no harm to human beings.

12mm thick toughened glass railing system
When 12mm thick toughened glass breakspattern

4, Multiple designs for glass railing system styles:

12mm toughened glass is a super good option for glass railing for it can endure a strong impact without breaking. Its thickness and strength are enough to meet a strong wind load design. It is also easy to install. 12mm toughened glass price is more economical compared to laminated glass. For deck railings, staircase railings, low-rise building balconies, 12mm toughened glass is no doubt the best choice!

There are also a variety of choices for the glass railing system, you can make it U channel aluminum glass railing, you can make it curved glass railing, you can make it a frameless railing system, you can also design gradient color glass railing or milky white glass railing, etc.

When you use tempered glass railing or tempered laminated glass railing together with a floating glass staircase, it will be a magnificent vision!

glass railing system by Shenzhen Dragon Glass in China
Frameless glass railing & aluminum frame glass railing systems

5, Features of 12mm thick toughened glass railing:

Item12mm thick toughened glass railing/frameless glass railing
ColorClear, ultra clear, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, pink, etc
Thickness12mm, other thickness available too.
Glass railing type12mm thick clear toughened glass railing, 12mm thick tinted toughened glass railing,
12mm thick digital printing toughened glass railing,
12mm thick ceramic frit toughened glass railing,
heat soak test 12mm thick toughened glass railing,
12mm thick gradient toughened glass railing,
frameless glass fencing, aluminum glass railing, etc
Accessories materialAluminum/steel
ShapeFlat/ curved
Quality standardSubject to CE & ASTM & CCC & ISO9001

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass toughened glass details:

Advanced machines & experienced technical team making sure our 12mm thick toughened glass railing products have a super flat surface and finest polishment, accurate drilling, precise processing, etc.

tempered glass railing system
12mm toughened glass pictures

How we toughen our glass with excellent quality control? A video for your reference:

7, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass glass railing system?

  1. We are a professional glass manufacturer since 1994, have full experience in glass producing, especially for glass railing glass projects.
  2. Advanced machines make sure glass size accurate, easy for installation with no tolerance.
  3. 100+ experienced engineers and operators guarantee glass quality fabulous.
  4. Large quantity capacity provides a competitive 12mm thick toughened glass railing price.
  5. A strict quality control system, we have 30+ QC inspectors following production, each process making sure no mistakes or flaws.
  6. Multiple certifications: CE, SGCC, IGCC, BS, ISO9001, etc.
  7. Fast response time: if you have questions or problems would like to solve, we will respond in one minute and provide solutions in 24 hours.

8, Certifications:

certifications for 12mm thick toughened glass railing system,

We can provide the whole glass railing system for you including aluminum and steel accessories. Learn more about us by Linkedin.

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