Super energy saving 6Low e+12Ar+6+12Ar+6 low e glass windows triple glazed suppliers

Production namelow e glass windows triple glazed
Glass thickness6+6+6mm, other thicknesses such as 5+5+5, 8+8+8
are available as well;
Glass colorsClear, other colors such as ultra clear, green, bronze, blue,
grey, etc;
Glass typesClear glass, solar reflective glass, single silver low e glass,
double silver low e glass, etc;
Spacer6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 20A, etc;
Gasdry air, argon, etc;
Functionsuper energy saving, soundproofing, decoration, etc;
Max size2440*3660;
Lead time20 days.

What are low e glass windows triple glazed?

6Low e +12Ar+6+12Ar+6 low e glass windows triple glazed is using 6mm low e tempered panels together with two 6mm clear tempered glass separated by two 12mm Aluminum spacer, with an injection of Argon gas in the chambers, sealed with butyl sealant and then structural sealant. This type of windows configuration is intended to achieve a super energy saving function as well as a soundproofing function. Usually, this is designed for places where the temperature is extremely low such as Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Iceland, etc. Or some high-end commercial buildings cladding where energy saving and soundproofing is considered as a design necessity.

low e glass windows triple glazed
Triple glazed windows with low e glass


  • 1, Super energy saving, 6Low e +12Ar+6+12Ar+6 low e glass windows triple glazed U value: 0.7~1.0W/m2K. Makes you feel cool in summer, warm in winter. Save air conditioner power cost.
  • 2, Excellent soundproofing, 6Low e +12Ar+6+12Ar+6 low e glass windows triple glazed provides you a good quiet environment for working, reading, sleeping, etc
  • 3, Decoration effect. Low-e coating can provide you multiple options of reflection color. Can make your house or building a unique appearance.
  • 4, Super strong and safe: can endure strong impact and even if broken, the tempered glass piece will not hurt people.


  • 1, Production name: 6Low e +12Ar+6+12Ar+6 low e glass windows triple glazed;
  • 2, Glass color: clear, other tinted colors such as low iron, grey, green, blue, bronze, pink, etc are customized;
  • 3, Glass thickness: 6mm, other thickness such as 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
  • 4, Low e types: single low-e, double low-e, triple low-e;
  • 5, Spacer: 6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 19A, 20A, etc;
  • 6, Spacer color: silver, grey, black, etc;
  • 7, Gas filled: dry air, argon, etc; Argon gas will enhance the performance.
  • 8, Applications: House windows or doors, commercial building cladding, shopfront walls, lobby, etc;
  • 9, Max size: standard 2440*3660mm, jumbo size also available.
  • 10, Lead time: 15 days after order confirmed;
  • 11, Samples: available in 5 days.


  • Subject to ISO9001;
  • Subject to IGCC;
  • Subject to BS standard;
  • Subject to AS standard.


Triple glazed low e windows are very popular in some areas where the climate is extremely cold environment or some high end commercial buildings.

low e glass triple glazing windows energy saving
low e glass triple glazing windows

Production details:

production details of triple low e insulated glass
Production details of triple low e insulated glass

Triple glazed windows performance data

Triple glazed windows performance VS double glazed windows performance


Certifications of Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Packing and delivery:

Strong plywood crates packing details

How much do low e glass windows triple glazed cost?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the top low e glass windows suppliers in China can provide you a good price for triple glazed low e glass windows with fast delivery. Generally speaking, low e glass windows triple glazed cost will be depended on:

  • Low e types: solar reflective & single low e price is the same, double low e or triple low e coating will be more expensive;
  • Glass color: tinted glass color price will be a little higher than clear glass;
  • Sizes: size will influence the cutting rate as well as the other cost of the process, will influence the cost as well;
  • Quantity, larger quantity, the price will be lower;
  • Other requirements: such as holes, cutout, frames, air spacers, argon gas, etc will all influence the low e glass windows triple glazed cost.

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