Copper free mirror – why is it the best among mirror products?

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Introducing Copper Free Mirrors, the latest innovation in mirrors that won't corrode or oxidize over time. This is one of the most advanced types of silver mirror products available today! – Browse now for more info!

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What is a copper free mirror?

Copper free mirror is also called copper free silver mirror, eco-friendly silver mirror, or environment-friendly mirror. For normal silver mirror products, the silver is coated on high-quality mirror products with copper compounds on the cover layers to protect the silver layer from oxidization. Copper free mirrors erase the copper layers but instead coated passivator protective coating on the silver layer. This replacement of passivator coating over the copper layer will result in a longer lifespan of the mirror products as well as anti-corrosion abilities. Therefore the copper free mirror is more and more popular nowadays.

copper free mirror

Advantages of copper free mirror glass?

  1. Completely eco-friendly, with no contamination of the environment. Without copper and lead compounds on the silver mirror, instead, we coated the dense passivator protective coating on the silver layer of the mirror, this will not cause harm to the environment;
  2. Higher reflection of the mirror, with better performance of optic reflection rate, the copper free mirror glass can have a lighter surface;
  3. Longer lifespan, with a better protection film on the mirror’s back side, the silver mirror is well protected and ensures a longer lifespan;
  4. Multiple stronger anti-corrosion abilities.

Comparisons of Copper free mirrors and other types of glass mirror products.

Copper free mirror VS Normal silver mirror

Normally silver mirror reflection can reach 90%, whereas Copper free mirror can reach 93~95%. The copper free silver mirror also has a much longer lifespan than normal silver mirrors. Therefore for most applications such as shower rooms, gym partition or walling, decoration mirrors, etc. Copper free is a prioritized option.

Copper free mirror VS Aluminum mirror

The aluminum mirror actually is coated with aluminum instead of silver, it is divided into double-coated aluminum mirrors & single-coated aluminum mirrors. Of course, the double-coated aluminum mirror is better. But as we all know, aluminum is an even more active element than a silver layer, it could be oxidized in a certain while. Turning to fading colors or darker reflections. No matter single coated or double-coated aluminum mirror, its anti-corrosion ability is not as high as a copper-free mirror. The copper free silver mirror is the best of mirror product at the current stage.

Copper free mirror VS Normal silver mirror 1

Copper free mirror applications:

Copper-free mirror is ideal for: 

  • Glass walls for fitness centers, dance studios, home gyms
  • Bathrooms
  • Display cases 
  • Wardrobe Dressers
  • Tables
copper free mirror glass application

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Copper free mirror properties:

Production name: Copper-free mirror glass
Mirror glass thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc;
Mirror colors: clear, ultra clear, etc;
Production time: within 7 days after the order is confirmed;
Further process: cutting, edging, beveling, laminating, etc;
Samples: free samples are available;
Mirror glass sizes: large sheets for size 2140×3300, 2140×3660, 2440×3300, 2440×3660, 2140×1650, 2140×1830, 2440×1650, 2440×1830, 1220×1650, 1220×1830, etc;
MOQ: for large sheets, one full container.

Production details:


Packing details:

6mm laminated glass 4

If you’re looking for a high-end, practical mirror, then this eco-friendly mirror is the perfect choice for you. Suitable for various applications, whether residential or commercial.

Contact Shenzhen Dragon Glass today and get the Cooper free mirror glass, enjoy the perfect reflection of you!


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