Attractive Fluted Glass Customized Decorative Glass

Fluted glass is known for its beautiful and unique vertical grooves. It is also called ribbed glass or textured glass.

Fluted glass is pretty popular among architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a room while allowing light to pass through and providing privacy.

Texture glass can be made into safety glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass, so you won’t get injured when the glass breaks, which makes it suitable for both interior and exterior.

fluted glass
Texture glass can diffuse light

How is fluted glass made?

The glass is made by pressing semi-molten glass between metal rollers to create unique textures and patterns. It can be also made by carving the glass surface to create the same design, which provides more design options.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass has experienced technicians and advanced equipment, providing specialized finishing services, including edging and polishing, and cutting and shaping to achieve any decorative look you desire to meet your design needs.

Fluted Glass Carving Process

Different Types of Texture Glass

texure glass
Different thicknesses, colors, and patterns
fluted glass
Different thicknesses, colors, and patterns
ribbed glass
Different thicknesses, colors, and patterns

Where do you need fluted glass?

Ribbed glass is suitable for glass walls, windows, and doors. Its vertical texture appearance solves the problem of creating privacy and still maintains brightness for interior spaces.

It is mostly used for internal rooms where privacy is needed, perfect for bathrooms, office rooms, privacy windows, etc.


fluted glass


Product name: fluted glass
Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
Glass color: clear, ultra clear, tinted glass
Type of glass: tempered glass, laminated glass
Shape: flat, curved
Max size: 2000*3300mm
Applications: windows & doors, partitions, balustrades, cabinet doors

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