4-19mm Durable Silkscreen Printed Glass Stylish Customized Decorative Glass

Silkscreen printed glass also call ceramic glass, is a kind of decorative glass.
It is made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the glass surface through a screen mesh.

After that, the glass will be put into the tempering furnace. Under the high temperature of about 600℃, the ceramic ink combines with the glass permanently. So silkscreen printed glass can be tempered glass. As safety glass, it has all the properties of tempered glass, five times stronger than normal glass, high-temperature resistance.

The glass has many advantages. It is durable, scratch-proof, has solar shading, and with anti-glare effect. It has acid and moisture-resistant features and maintains its colors for decades.

The production process of silkscreen printed glass

silkscreen printing glass
production process

Silkscreen printing glass is suitable for interior and exterior applications, and the printing is available in many types of glass

Products in our factory

silkscreen printed glass
Different types of silkscreen printing glass
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Different types of silkscreen printing glass
Silkscreen printing process


printing glass


Product name: silkscreen printing glass
Glass color:
clear, ultra clear, grey, blue, bronze, etc.
Ceramic ink color:
white, black, red, blue, green, etc.
Glass thickness:
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
Printing patterns:
dots, lines, or other patterns
windows, doors, curtain walls, partitions, canopies, skylights, facades, etc.
up to 2440*6000mm

Shenzhen Dragon Glass produces silk-screen printing glass according to the standard palette of colors and patterns. Would you like to design your own works? Please contact and send us the patterns and colors.

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