10+15 mm super sparkling diamond engraving glass

What is the diamond engraving glass?

Diamond engraving glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional glass, diamond engraving glass is to carve and polish ultra-white float glass through the shape set by engraving tools and electronic equipment so that the surface of the glass produces the three-dimensional effect and crystal clearness of diamonds, which constitutes a simple and bright modern style. It is widely used for doors, windows, and walls decoration.

diamond engraving glass, diamond carved glass, diamond engraving grooved carved glass

How to fabricate diamond carved glass?

The whole process is made by a glass engraving machine. First, design the shape that needs to be carved in CAD. This time we carved the diamond shape. Later transform the patterns into CNC engraving glass machines. It will engrave according to the designed diamond shape.

Can diamond carved glass be toughed and laminated?

The type of glass can be toughened, but its surface state is changed due to the glass engraving process. The rate of micro-cracks on the surface of the glass may increase when tempered. Therefore, it is recommended to use laminated grooved glass instead of toughened grooved glass to improve its safety.


diamond engraving glass, diamond carved glass, diamond engraving grooved carved glass


Product name: Diamond engraving grooved carved glass
Glass thickness:10+10 mm, 15+15 mm
Functions: Aesthetic, can be cut, tempered, laminated, coated, three-dimensional texture, strong visual impact, good decorative effect, etc
Production time:10-15 days
Capacity: 2500 SQM per day



Packing and delivery

Strong plywood crate packing to avoid the damage of safety glass sheets during long-distance transportation.


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