Super Durable sandblasted 88.4 SGP laminated glass 17.52mm SGP interlayer VSG glass toughened safety glass partition

Glazed partitions are common interior design ideas for offices, commercial and public buildings. They are widely used to create individual working area or space. SGP laminated glass partition will be your high end choice if you want to achieve higher safety and soundproof performance.

sgp laminated glass
frosted glass wall

What is sandblasted 8.8.4 SGP laminated glass?

sgp laminated glass

It is combined with one piece of 8mm sandblasted glass and a piece of 8mm clear glass boned with 1.52mm SGP interlayer. Sandblasted glass is also called privacy glass, its rough and translucent surface provides you with more privacy comparing the clear tempered glass partition, provides more privacy that separates your office or room from others. In terms of SGP, SentryGlas Plus is an ionoplast interlayer with extremely high weather resistance and strength levels comparing normal PVB interlayer. SGP has 5 times the strength and 100 times the rigidity of PVB interlayer.

Why use frosted SGP laminated glass partitions

1. Providing privacy: When an open-style design is required and privacy is also needed, sandblasted glass can give you the effect. Sandblasted glass blurs out any items behind the glass. So what you can see are shapes and shadows of objects or people, or only the frosted glass when the objects are far away the glass.

2. Remaining bright: Light still can pass through the frosted glass, which means you don’t need to pay more money on your lighting system.

3. Sound insulation: SGP interlayer and PVB interlayer have very nice soundproof performance. It can help create a quiet workspace without worrying about being disturbed by outside sounds, you will unlikely bother others when you are speaking inside your workspace.

4. Incredible durability: SGP glass has 5 times the strength and 100 times the rigidity of other types of VSG glass. Normal laminated safety glass will bend when it breaks, but SGP VSG glass will keep upright and less bending, increasing the glass safety performance significantly.

Laminated Glass Production lines

Product details

sgp laminated glass
sgp laminated glass


Product name: sandblasted 88.4 SGP laminated glass partition
Type of glass: VSG toughened safety glass, VSG glass, laminated safety glass
SGP interlayer thickness: 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm
Glass color: clear, extra clear, blue, bronze, grey, tinted glass
Glass thickness: 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm, 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm etc.
Applications: glass partition, glass railing, balustrade, glass floor, glass bridge
Certification: CE/ASTM/ISO 9001
Production time: 7 – 15 days
Packing: strong exporting wooden cases
Capacity:  2000SQM per day


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