CE certified 5mm dark glass wardrobe doors smoked glass sliding wardrobe doors

Wardrobes are an important interior element in bedrooms. The recent trend is that people are more interested in glass wardrobe. The popular type of glass wardrobe is dark glass wardrobe or smoked glass sliding doors wardrobe. Tinted glass sliding wardrobe doors are the most elegant way to design glass wardrobe.

What is smoked glass wardrobe?

smoked glass wardrobe

Smoked glass is also called dark grey glass or euro grey glass, a type of tinted glass.

The outer of the wardrobe consists of 5mm thick smoked glass, but it will not completely hide the contents of the wardrobes. It’s transparent but still has slight privacy.

The wardrobe will be more modern comparing wooden wardrobe and the area of your room will look much larger.


Product name: dark glass wardrobe, smoked glass wardrobe doors, smoked glass sliding doors wardrobe
Type of glass: tempered safety tinted glass
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc.
Glass color: dark grey glass, euro grey glass, other tinted glass available
Glass size: customized
Certificate: CE / ASTM / ISO 9001
Production time: within 7 days
Packing: strong exporting wooden cases


  • Safety glass: Toughened safety glass is essential and common around us. Our tempered glass compressive stress of 95MPa is higher than some tempered glass like 69MPa, which means it has better impact resistance. High safety performance is definitely the main factor when choosing toughened glass .
  • Durability and long lifetime: Glass has better chemical resistance than woods and metal. No need to worry about scratches, rust and moisture damaging your wardrobe. Once you have it, it is always yours.
  • Beautiful glass reflection: Glass has a more modern aesthetic and reflects light. Light can also pass through the glass, helping to provide more brightness to the room when lighting system is in the wardrobe.
  • Different tinted glass available: We have various of tinted glass for your reference. It is possible for you to design your own glass wardrobes with different glass colors, light grey glass, bronze glass, light blue, etc.

Product details

smoked glass wardrobe
Finished smoked glass
smoked glass wardrobe
Finished product visual inspection
smoked glass wardrobe
Finished product visual inspection
smoked glass wardrobe
Packed into wooden cases


smoked glass wardrobe
smoked glass wardrobe
smoked glass wardrobe

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