China excellent quality 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm reflection mirror and glass suppliers

reflection mirror and glass

China excellent quality 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm reflection mirror and glass suppliers

reflection mirror and glass

What are 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm reflection mirror and glass?

3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm reflection mirror glass are using clear or ultra clear glass, produced by coating aluminum or silver material on the glass, forming a reflection effect.

For the aluminum mirror, there are two types: single coated aluminum mirror & double coated aluminum mirror; double coated aluminum layer can ensure a longer lifespan and better reflection effect than single coated aluminum mirror.

Reflection glass and mirror supplier
Reflection glass and mirror product with different coated layers

What is the difference between an aluminum mirror and a silver mirror?

ItemReflection effectPriceLifespan
Aluminum mirrornormaleconomicalRelatively Short
Silver mirrorsplendidmore expensiveLonger

Features of SDG reflection mirror and glass products:

  • 1, Super good reflection effect and no distortion;
  • 2, Long lifespan and no spots, good anti-oxidizing ability;
  • 3, No chips, no scratches, no bubbles, or other flaws.


  • Production name: Reflection mirror and glass;
  • Mirror thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc;
  • Mirror colors: clear, ultra clear, etc;
  • Production time: within 7 days after order confirmed;
  • Mirror and glass types: single coated aluminum mirror, double coated aluminum mirror, silver mirror, ultra clear mirror, etc;
  • Further process: cutting, edging, beveling, laminating, etc;
  • Samples: Free samples available;
  • Mirror and glass sizes: large sheets for size 2140*3300, 2140*3660, 2440*3300, 2440*3660, 2140*1650, 2140*1830, 2440*1650, 2440*1830, 1220*1650, 1220*1830, etc;
  • MOQ: for large sheets, one 20GP full container.


Reflection mirror and glass are very good for interior design such as partition wall or divider or shower room decoration.

Reflection glass mirror supplier
Reflection glass mirror application

When using a laminated glass configuration, reflection mirror and glass products can endure strong impact and form multiple designs.

Reflection glass mirror effect with lamination.

Production details:

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are a professional mirror glass supplier, we choose the top quality raw material float glass to go through a large sheet coating line. As below videos:

Packing and delivery:

We export mirror glass products to clients all around the world with strong plywood crates packing.

packing details for mirror glass
Strong plywood crates packing for mirror glass products.

What is the reflection glass mirror price?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is one of the top mirror glass suppliers in China, providing super good quality reflection glass and mirrors in the fastest production time and the best price!

As the season changes, raw material price fluctuation, quantity requirement, different sizes, etc, reflection mirror price is always changing. If you need to know what is the latest reflection glass mirror price, welcome to contact us for a free quotation now!


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