3 reasons why the shower glass explodes spontaneously and 3 effective ways to avoid it.

In consideration of beauty, cleanliness, and convenience, more and more people tend to use tempered glass for the shower glass, but sometimes the shower room glass will suddenly burst. Why?
The sudden cracking of this tempered glass product without contact with any external force is called tempered glass spontaneous breakage. At present, the current technical level of the glass market can only reduce its self-spontaneous breakage rate to about 0.3%.

shower glass tempered glass
Shower glass sudden breakage

Generally speaking, there are 3 reasons for the self-explosion of shower door tempered glass:

  1. Tempered glass products’ quality is not good.
    The most important factor for shower glass breakage is that the quality of the tempered glass itself cannot meet the quality standard, so it is very easy to explode, impurities in the raw glass material and improper quality control of the processing process will cause the bathroom door glass to burst in the afterward usage.
  2. Defects occurring by transportation or installation process
    During processing, transportation, and installation, scratches and burrs will accidentally occur on the surface of the glass, causing the tempered glass stress imbalance and causing the tempered glass to explode more easily.
  3. Improper use or temperature changes dramatically.
    In the daily use of bathroom glass, the glass will inevitably be touched by the body or other objects. In winter, hot water is also easy to cause rapid temperature changes and thus causes self-explosion.

For the above 3 reasons, the corresponding solutions are as follows:

  • Choose an excellent glass supplier. To ensure the use of high-quality original glass, you can consider using high-quality ultra-white original glass, etc, the quality control of each process is accurate and proper;
flawless tempered glass
Flawless tempered glass with edge polished
  • Ensure that there will be no damage to the glass corners caused by bumps during transportation; Strong packing wood and methods are suggested;
strong plywood packing for tempered glass shower doors
Strong plywood crates packing for tempered glass products
  1. Put an explosion-proof film on the glass surface of the bathroom, even if the glass bursts, it will not hurt people; at the same time, it avoids the problem of excessive temperature difference of the glass.
Tempered glass breakage with explosion-proof film
Tempered glass breakage with explosion-proof film

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