FAQ of smart glass (2020)

smart glass partition wall

FAQ of smart glass (2020)

smart glass partition wall

Smart glass also called PDLC glass or switchable glass has been more and more popular during the past few years for projects engineering. Many peoples might have multiple questions about smart glass. Here let’s discuss some of them.

1. Where can smart glass be used?

Smart glass can be used to improve the internal and external layout of the project. The main applications include building doors and windows, smart glass partitions, and can also be used as writing boards and projection screens in meeting rooms, or made into eye-catching advertising displays, billboards, etc.

Smart glass windows
Smart glass windows, partitions, etc.

2. Can smart glass provide different colors?

The smart glass can be made into different colors, such as brown, yellow, green, pink, purple, etc., or other colors can be selected according to customer requirements to suit different occasions. However, the most widely used is milky white (that is, colorless when power on).

Multiple colors of pdlc glass
Multiple colors of PDLC glass film options.

3. How long does it take for the smart glass to switch states?

The smart glass is also called privacy glass. In order to protect privacy in short time, the smart glass can switch quickly within 0.2 seconds.

4. What is the price of smart glass?

The price of smart glass depends on many factors such as the smart glass size, smart glass thickness, holes in the smart glass, smart glass transmittance, shape of the smart glass, design patterns as well as the application places, etc. Contact Shenzhen Dragon Glass for accurate pricing!

5. How is the smart glass controlled?

For easy operation, there are control methods such as wall switch, remote control, and click touch. Other control methods can also be designed by yourself, such as mobile phone control, remote control, etc.

control methods of PDLC glass

6. What kind of electricity does the smart glass use? How to ensure safety during use?

In China, smart glass (or self-adhesive PDLC film) needs to use a 220V switch to 60V power supply, as the smart glass needs to use 60V AC to drive. In order to prevent moisture and leakage of electricity, the smart glass will be waterproof and insulated before leaving the factory. After that, as long as the dimming glass is installed as required to ensure the scientific wiring of the wires, safety can be ensured.

PDLC glass installation.
PDLC glass installation.

7. The smart glass can be used for projection, how?

Projection is a characteristic of smart glass, and it can be used as a projection screen when it is not energized (fogged stats). It is recommended to use rear projection, the picture quality is more beautiful.

8. How to clean the smart glass?

The cleaning of smart glass is actually the same as ordinary glass. You can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth or use a special glass cleaner to clean it. But need to ensure the smart glass is in a power-off state and avoid using too much water. Make sure the PDLC glass is dry before the power switch on.


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