What is the price for laminated glass?

price for laminated glass

What is the price for laminated glass?

price for laminated glass

Many people are asking: what is the price for laminated glass directly or what is your cost of laminated glass per square meter?

What is the price of laminated glass?
What is the price of laminated glass?

Actually, it is a complicated question. As all of us know, the cost for laminated glass is a project-directed issue. Generally speaking, there will be several factors that will direct the accuracy of pricing.

Here we are presenting some factors:

Glass color: different glass color options such as clear glass, tinted glass, the low iron glass will result in different prices for laminated glass. Generally speaking, clear glass is the most economical option;

Glass colors.
Glass colors.

Glass thickness: it makes sense for the thicker of glass panels, the higher cost for laminated glass;

Glass thickness
Glass thickness

Glass shape: rectangle shape has a higher production capacity, it is cheaper compared to other shapes of glass such as circle, triangle, etc;

different shapes of glass
Different glass shapes.

The interlayer material: SGP, PVB, EVA all can be the laminated glass interlayer, generally speaking, the cost range: SGP>EVA>PVB;


The interlayer thickness: for the same glass configuration, 1.52PVB is surely more expensive than 1.14PVB;

The interlayer color: colored PVB is higher price comparing to clear PVB for the same thickness;

Colored PVB material
Colored PVB material

Glass sizes: As the glass sizes will result in float glass cutting rate, the better of cutting rate, the better price for laminated glass;

size differences
Glass sizes difference.

The quantity: Of course, the larger quantity, the lower cost laminated glass per square meter;


Other factors such as glass curving(curved tempering or hot bending), glass surface treatment(Frosted glass or ceramic frit printing glass, etc), glass surface processing(carving patterns such as fluted glass, patterned glass, etc), glass energy-saving functions(low e coating or solar reflective coating), will all result in the different cost for laminated glass.

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass can offer some special types of laminated glass too.

Decorative laminated glass products.
Decorative laminated glass products.

But the actual requirements for the projects are settled. Such as if you are using the facade, the thickness should be above 8mm+8mm; if you are using the laminated glass for partitions, the single glass thickness is about 4~8mm is ok. Etc.

As you are viewing this article, you must need an approximate price for laminated glass. So here we will show you some typical style of cost laminated glass per square meter.

1, large laminated glass sheet price:

ItemSizeFOB Price
6.38mm PVB laminated glass 2140*3300 9.2USD/SQM~11.8USD/SQM;
8.38mm PVB laminated glass2140*330010.87USD/SQM~13.52USD/SQM
10.38mm PVB laminated glass2140*330015.25USD/SQM~17.58USD/SQM
Price for large sheet laminated glass

2, For typical clear tempered laminated glass price:

ItemFOB Price
5+5mm PVB tempered laminated glass 24.62USD/SQM~37.42USD/SQM
6+6mm PVB tempered laminated glass25.89USD/SQM~39.69USD/SQM
8+8mm PVB tempered laminated glass35.87USD/SQM~48.75USD/SQM
10+10mm PVB tempered laminated glass41.78USD/SQM~59.64USD/SQM
Price for clear PVB tempered laminated glass

3, For typical curved tempered laminated glass price:

ItemFOB Price
5+5mm PVB curved tempered laminated glass52.45USD/SQM~73.25USD/SQM
6+6mm PVB curved tempered laminated glass59.36USD/SQM~78.38USD/SQM
8+8mm PVB curved tempered laminated glass69.24USD/SQM~97.32USD/SQM
Price for curved tempered laminated glass.

The above price is for the project’s budget only. If you need to get an accurate price for laminated glass for your project, welcome to share your CAD drawing or size list with us, and we will calculate the most competitive price for you!

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