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What is one way mirror glass?

The one way mirror glass also called two way mirror glass(transparent mirror), is a kind of mirror that appears a complete reflective appearance on one side but will be visible through the other side. This effect also needs one condition, the light on the reflective side must be very strong and the inspection side shall be weaker or darker light.

For a one-way mirror, you can see nothing from the outside.
For a one-way mirror, you can see nothing from the outside.

The glass is coated with a very thin layer of metal. The result is a mirrored surface that reflects some light and is penetrated by the rest. When one side is brightly lit and the other is kept dark, the darker side becomes difficult to see from the brightly lit side because it is masked by the much brighter reflection of the lit side.

One way mirror product.
One way mirror product.

How to distinguish if you are facing a one way mirror glass?

You could put one finger on the mirror, if a normal silver mirror, there will be a gap between your finger and the finger in the mirror, but if you see no gap between the finger and the finger in the mirror, then it is a one way mirror glass.

How to distinguish if a mirror is one way mirror?
How to distinguish if a mirror is one way mirror?


  • 100% Privacy keeping;
  • Silver reflective appearance from exterior side;
  • Clear observation from the darkened side or inside the building;


  1. Subject to CCC;
  2. Subject to ASTM;
  3. Subject to CE;
  4. Subject to ISO9001;



One way mirror glass is very suitable for special places such as detention centers, police stations, prisons, courts, procuratorates, karaoke, offices, kindergartens, mental hospitals, schools, etc.

Safety one-way mirror

It is suitable for conference rooms and general special departments, such as banks, public security and justice, supermarkets and other places.

Thickness: 6mm+0.76PVB+6mm

One way mirror for windows.
One way mirror for windows.

Soundproof insulated one-way mirror

It is suitable for special places with higher requirements for sound insulation, such as high-level meeting rooms, identification rooms, interrogation rooms, and other places.

Thickness: 6mm+12A+6mm

Insulated glass one way mirror for office room.
Insulated glass one-way mirror for office room.

Explosion-proof one-way mirror

Suitable for special places requiring absolute safety

Thickness: 6mm+1.14mmPVB+12mm+1.14mmPVB+6mm

Explosion-proof two-way mirror.
Explosion-proof two-way mirror.

Production details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass one way mirror is able to be tempered and used as one single panel, it also can be further processed as laminated glass, insulated glass so as to be used as glass wall, glass windows, glass facade, etc to enhance its thermal & soundproofing functions, etc.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass one-way mirror
Shenzhen Dragon Glass one-way mirror

Packing details:

Packing details
Strong plywood crates packing.

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