6+6mm LED laminated glass make stunning visual marks

What is LED laminated glass?

LED laminated glass also known as electroluminescent glass, is electronically controlled illuminating glass. This glass product is a decorative laminated glass wherein LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are embedded in the PVB interlayer of the glass panel. ​When the power is on, it enables the viewers to see whatever is shown on the glass, when the power is off, it enables the audience to see what is happening behind the glass.

The glass is highly transparent, quite a feat for displaying video, motion graphics, still graphics, photography, games, and interactive experiences. The LED laminated glass allows for durability, transparency, and interactive media capabilities all in one product.

How to produce 6+6mm LED laminated glass?

6+6mm LED laminated glass is two pieces of 6mm glass and Light Emitting Diodes permanently bonded together with high transparent PVB using heat and pressure.

Via invisible circuit paths of the inner glass surface, the assembled LED inside the two laminated glass are supplied with electrical power. Nearly any number and distance of LEDs is possible. With a connecting cable, energy is being inducted via contacting stripes along both long glass edges. Power supply happens via an external unit.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides 6+6mm laminated LED glass to make stunning visual marks.


  1. Safety. The LED glass is also laminated glass for a building, even the glass is broken, the glass pieces will adhere to the PVB interlayer, therefore, protecting human beings;
  2. Energy-saving. It has the energy-saving effect of UV protection and partial infrared and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the energy-saving characteristics of the LED itself, the LED glass is extremely energy-saving and environmentally friendly. No air conditioner or fan is required for heat dissipation.
  3. Good decoration effect. LED display show can be customized. Can be positioned nearly anywhere. The unique display, visual experience is like floating on the curtain wall.
  4. Quick, safe, and easy indoor or outdoor maintenance.

LED laminated glass Applications:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides 6+6mm laminated LED glass to make stunning visual marks.
LED laminated glass for facade

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides 6+6mm laminated LED glass to make stunning visual marks.
LED laminated glass for railing

LED laminated glass for floor


  • Subject to BS
  • Subject to AS
  • Subject to ASTM
  • Subject to CE

Product details:

Packing and delivery:


Because of its special materials, installation methods and sturdy structures have helped it to take an edge over other LED screens available in the market. Shenzhen Dragon Glass specializes in processing technical glass. We offer individual lLED laminated glass solutions for sophisticated projects around the globe.

Would you like to use it for your new projects? Welcome for comments and free inquiry!

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