Laminated glass

color laminated glass

Super strong laminated safety glass supplier in China


  1. Super security;
  2. Soudproofing;
  3. Energy saving;
  4. Transmittance optional;
  5. Anti-UV lights;
  6. Long lifespan.
  1. Curtain wall & facade;
  2. Windows & doors;
  3. Skylights;
  4. Railing & Canopy;
  5. Shop fronts;
  6. Floor & Stairs;
  7. Partition walls; etc
  • Price: 0.99~89.9 USD/ SQM .
  • MOQ: 100SQM.
  • Lead time: 10~15 days.
  • Packing: Strong wood crates.

About laminated glass

Laminated glass is using two or more pieces of glass panels sandwich with interlayer material like pvb or sgp or eva material, enduring high pressure and high temperature, thus making the joint of glass permanently together. When one or more panels in the laminated glass is broken due to extremely impact, the broken pieces will still glue together with the pvb or sgp interlayers. Preventing glass pieces spreading and ensure safety.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass properties

  • Single glass panel thickness: 4mm~19mm.
  • Interlayer material: PVB, SGP, EVA;
  • Interlayer thickness: PVB: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, 2.28, 3.04, etc;  SGP: 0.89, 1.52, 2.28, etc;
  • Max size: 3300*13000mm.
  • Glass color: clear, ultra clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc.
  • PVB color: green, blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, etc
  • Additional process: ceramic frit; coated; frosted; acid etched; etc
  • Sound deduction: 30dB+
  • Transmittance: 8~85%.
  • Shape: flat / curved.
  • Capacity: 1600SQM/DAY.
  • Certification: CE & SGCC.

Laminated glass products list

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