Captivating Elegant design 5+5mm grey laminated glass for awning glass price.

Grey laminated glass is a special kind of glass. It can be dark or light grey. When you look through it, it looks like smoke. That's why people call it 'smoking glass'. It helps create a darker space but still let in some light. Grey laminated glass also helps to keep out hot sunshine and make the place cooler as well as looking nice!

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What is grey laminated glass?

Grey laminated glass is laminated glass with grey colors. The grey color could be dark grey or light grey. According to architects’ design. Grey laminated glass has a smoking effect when you view it through it, that is why many people are calling it the smoking glass.

When you try to make a darker space but need the visible light to be through in certain parts, Shenzhen Dragon Glass grey laminated glass will be a good choice!

grey laminated glass

Several solutions for making grey laminated glass

1) Grey-tinted laminated glass:

This method is using grey tinted float glass or grey tinted tempered glass to laminated with a clear glass panel or also a grey glass panel laminated together with a clear pvb interlayer. This is the easiest way to achieve the grey color laminated glass;

2)Grey pvb laminated glass:

For this method, we are using 5mm clear tempered glass + 1.52 grey pvb + 5mm clear tempered glass for the grey effect. In this way, the grey color will be achieved by the pvb colors, as we have multiple pvb colors, we can make different darkness of the grey laminated glass;

3)Grey silkscreen printed glass:

For this method, it is relatively not that easy to control the transmittance of the grey color. Normally this is only adopted when you need some patterns on the glass panels. And this process cost is higher.

What is awning glass?

Glass awning is a secondary covering for the exterior wall of the building. It protects humans from rain or too strong sunshine or wind when people step out of the gate. Nowadays glass awning designs are becoming fashionable since it adds extra features to residential or commercial buildings.

awning glass

Why use grey laminated glass for the awning?

Laminated glass is considered as grade A+ safety glass, it provides double security because even if one glass is broken, the other panel and the PVB interlayer will still hold the broken pieces together to bid time for the replacement instead of falling down on human beings.
Grey color laminated glass acts as a shading cover for humans against the hot sunshine. It also provides a certain heat isolation performance as well as decoration.


1)Super security and safety: It provides super strong anti-impact performance and it won’t harm human beings even when it is broken;
2)Color decoration: with a smoking glass appearance, the awning will be more compatible with the buildings;
3)Add protecting functions for humans from sunshine & rain.


gray awning glass

SDG grey laminated glass specifications:

Product namegrey laminated glass
Single glass panel thickness5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm etc.
Size2440x3660mm, Support customization
Interlayer materialPVB, SGP;
Interlayer thicknessPVB: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, 2.28, 3.04, etc;  SGP: 0.89, 1.52, 2.28, etc;
Glass colorclear, ultra clear, grey, green, blue, bronze, etc;
optional glassLow-e glass, silkscreen printing glass, etc;
Production time10-15 day

Production details:

grey laminated glass
IMG 20220719 135331
image 3

Packing and delivery:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Company utilizes sturdy plywood crates for the safe transportation of our laminated glass products. Our packing process ensures optimal protection during long-distance transit.

gray awning glass Packing & delivery



Dragon Glass as a reliable laminated glass supplier since 1994, until now we work with over 500 customers all over the world, and keep working with them in upcoming years, if you are interested in our 5+5mm gray laminated glass please feel free to contact us.

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