Stunning glass floors – super strong 10+10+10 laminated glass

Are you looking to create a stunning, strong and safe flooring solution? Look no further because 10+10+10 laminated glass floors are the perfect answer for your needs! This unique form of glass floors creates an eye-catching outlook whilst also being incredibly secure.

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Create an Impressive Atmosphere with Glass Floor & Staircase Designs

With the increasing popularity of glass floor designs, these spaces are becoming a statement piece in many homes and businesses. Glass floors can transform even the most mundane interiors into something awe-inspiring; with the combination of style and function, glass floors provide a unique solution that adds both light and ‘wow’ factor to any space. From long hallways to winding staircases and decks, glass floor designs have the power to create an impressive atmosphere that is truly unforgettable.

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What is the glass floor?

The glass floor is a unique and modern design element that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It involves using glass tiles for flooring, allowing for a clear view of the space below. This gives the illusion of walking on air and creates a striking visual effect. Glass floor designs can range from a small section of glass tiles to an entire room or even a bridge. The use of glass flooring can also add glamour and elegance to a space, making it a popular choice in luxury homes, hotels, and even restaurants. With its sleek and contemporary look, the glass floor is a great way to add a touch of modern elegance to any interior design.

What does the strength of the glass floor depend on?

Glass floors have become a popular design element in modern architecture. But how strong are they really? The answer lies in the thickness of the glass. While thinner glass may be more affordable, it may not be able to handle the weight it is meant to support. For example, a glass floor in a residential home may only require a thickness of 12mm+12mm, while a commercial building may require a thickness of 10mm+10mm+10mm or more to meet safety standards. The thicker the glass, the more weight it can support without cracking or breaking. So, if you’re considering adding a glass floor to your home or building, be sure to choose the appropriate thickness to ensure its strength and durability.

How to make glass floor?

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Making a glass floor is possible with the use of laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of flat glass bonded together with an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them.

Advantages of glass floors

Glass floors have become increasingly popular due to their unique advantages. One of the most notable benefits of having a glass floor is the aesthetic appeal. The transparency of glass floors allows you to create a sense of openness and light that can completely transform a space. Glass floors can also provide a visual connection between different levels of a building, allowing you to appreciate the architecture from entirely new angles.

Imagine walking on a floor made entirely of glass – it’s a unique experience that can be both thrilling and intimidating. However, the advantages of glass floors go beyond just their aesthetic appeal. For one, glass floors can allow for natural light to penetrate deeper into a building, brightening up interior spaces and potentially reducing the need for artificial lighting. They also provide a visually stunning way to showcase unique features of a building, such as a stunning view or an architectural detail.

Additionally, glass floors can be a functional choice in certain settings, such as museums or galleries, where they allow visitors to see exhibits or artifacts from different perspectives. Overall, glass floors offer an innovative and versatile flooring option that can enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of a space.

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  • CE
  • ASTM
  • AS
  • ISO9001
  • CCC, etc


  • Landscape Bridge
  • Stairs
  • Shopping Mall
  • Museum

Production details:

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Packing and delivery



Investing in quality materials from a trusted company such as Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass manufacturer will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that your glass floor is built with long-lasting quality and durability. With its stylishness, transparency, strength and safety all wrapped into one option, the 10+10+10 laminated glass structure is indeed the perfect option for any architect or builder looking for an impressive touch to their project.

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