CE certified 8mm reeded glass railing 5/16 inch low iron fluted glass balustrade system toughened safety interior decorative glass railing

When making a choice on glass railing system for houses, many people will choose clear tempered safety glass. Clear glass is way too common and without decorative effect. Why not try decorative reeded glass railing or fluted glass railing? Decorative glass balustrade system has become a stylish design idea among designers.

What is low iron reeded glass railing?

reeded glass 1

Low iron glass is also called extra clear glass which is a type of glass with a lower iron oxide content. It looks less green comparing clear glass, even when multiple glass sheets are piled together.

Reeded glass is known for its beautiful and unique decorative effect. It is also called ribbed glass or fluted glass. It is pretty popular among architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a room while allowing light to pass through and providing some privacy.

Reeded glass can be made into toughened safety glass(ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG) to achieve different requirements.

Product details

reeded glass railing
reeded glass railing
reeded glass railing


Product name: low iron fluted glass railing, extra clear reeded glass railing
Glass thickness: 1/4″(6mm), 5/16″(8mm), 3/8″(10mm), 1/2″ (12 mm)
Glass color: clear glass, ultra clear glass, low iron glass
Type of glass: tempered safety glass, laminated safety glass, ESG, VSG
Shape: flat glass, curved glass
Max size: 3300*12000mm
Applications: windows & doors, glass partitions, balustrades system, cabinet doors
Certificate: CE / ASTM / ISO 9001
Production time: within 7 days
Packing: strong exporting wooden cases


  • High transmittance: Ultra clear glass light transmittance is more than 91%, it looks more crystal clear than normal clear glass.
  • Low spontaneous breakage rate: Spontaneous breakage of tempered glass is 0.3%, ultra clear glass has a much lower spontaneous breakage rate which helps to reduce low maintenance costs as well.
  • Adding privacy: Fluted glass vertical grooves will distorts the view through the glass pane while allowing light to pass through, providing you with privacy.
  • Safety: Toughened safety has very high impact resistance, even if the glass broken, the glass pieces are not sharp, less likely to get hurt.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance: Not easy to get dirty and easy to clean with just water and a rag.


reeded glass railing
Low iron fluted glass railing

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