Excellent gradient design 12mm toughened ceramic frit glass for metro glass door

What is 12mm toughened ceramic frit glass for metro/subway platform screen doors?

12mm toughened ceramic frit glass for metro/subway platform screen doors is using super high strength and super safe 12mm toughened ceramic frit glass design for metro screen door, for the purpose of dividing & protecting people from the subway train. It requires super high strength to endure impact so as to protect human beings’ safety.

metro platform glass
12mm toughened gradient design ceramic frit glass for metro platform glass door

12mm toughened ceramic frit glass is using 12mm clear float glass, cut to custom sizes and then grind the edges, later print the black design gradient color on the 12mm glass by ceramic frit printing process before sending to toughening machines. Enduring the high temperature in toughening machines, the ceramic frit printing ink will adhere to the glass surface permanently. Without fading away colors afterward.

ceramic frit glass for metrol platform glass door
Ceramic frit glass for metrol screen glass door


  • Good colors designs: black dots gradient color can show good beautiful appearance as well as alerting signatures;
  • Long lifespan:  the ceramic frit glass patterns will not fade away have a super long lifespan;
  • Super high strength: can endure strong impact without breaking, tempered strength>95Mpa;
  • Super safe: even when the toughened glass is broken, it will not harm people as the broken pieces will shatter into small particles with obtuse angles;



  • Production name: 12mm toughened ceramic frit glass for metro glass door;
  • Glass color: clear, ultra-clear, grey, green, bronze, blue, etc;
  • Glass thickness: 12mm, other thickness such as 8mm, 10mm, 15mm are available;
  • Glass sizes: max 2440*6000mm, sizes can be customized.
  • Process: cutting, edging, drilling, ceramic frit printing,
  • MOQ: 50SQM;
  • Glass shapes: flat/curved;
  • Certifications: CE/AS/ASTM/ISO9001/BS/CCC;
  • Capacity: 6000SQM/day;
  • Production time: 10~15 days;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates;
  • Samples: free samples are available in 5 days.


  • Metro screen door glass subject to EN 12150;
  • Metro screen door glass subject to AS/NZS 2208:1996;
  • Metro screen door glass subject to ISO9001;
  • Metro screen door glass subject to ASTM 1048;



12mm toughened ceramic frit glass is widely used as metro glass door, metro screen glass, etc.

metrol glass door application
Metro glass door applications

Production details:

flawless edgework
Flawless edgwork for 12mm toughened metro glass door details.
ceramic frit glass
Gradient metro glass door products details.

Quality control:

We not only control and inspect each process such as cutting & edging accuracy, glass surface flaws, glass tempering stress, glass broken particles, impact testing, etc.

teste de processo de vidro
Shenzhen Dragon Glass strict quality control for glass production.

But we also will inspect each piece of the glass against a strong lightbox before shipment. We will ensure there is no flaw before sending the glass to our clients.


Certifications for ceramic frit glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications.


strong plywood crates packing
Strong plywood crats packing to ensure the metro screen door glass safety.

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