Charming design 3~19mm cross reeded glass for doors shower screen partitions cost

What is cross reeded glass?

Cross reeded glass is also called cross ribbed glass, it has many grooves by vertical and horizontal style on the glass surface. It can be tempered or further laminated to enhance its strength and safety for application. Normally it will be used as partitions, shower doors, glass walls, etc decoration.

There are generally two types of cross reeded glass, the first one is patterned glass-It means using the hot melting and molding process to form the cross reeded patterns on the glass surface. For this type of cross-reeded glass, the thickness is ranged from 5mm~8mm. It has advantages of lower cost, smooth surface, etc. But the design inspiration is relatively limited.

The other method is using glass carving processing. Once the CAD drawing is put inside the computer, the grinding and carving machine will draw exactly your desired cross reeded pattern.

Where is cross reeded glass used?

For single 5mm~8mm tempered reeded glass, it can be used where lower strength is needed and lighter weight should be considered such as showroom case, dividers, shower doors, wall decorations, etc.  For 10mm or 12mm tempered reeded glass, it has higher strength and stiffness therefore can be used as partitions, shower rooms, office rooms, KTV wall decorations, etc.

However if you make it as laminated glass, you can completely expand its application range, you can make it as doors, windows, curtain walls, shopfronts, etc. Because its safety function is highly enhanced.

Cross reeded glass applications.
Cross reeded glass applications.


  1. Charming designs, you can make your rooms super elegant and unique;
  2. Multiple options, you can design the gaps, the surface depth, the glass colors, the lamination color and patterns, etc;
  3. All sizes and shapes are available, so all you have to do is do your bald design and leave the rest job to us!

Production details:

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass can design a single cross reeded glass for you:

Single panel cross ribbed glass
Single panel cross ribbed glass

We can also make a laminated cross reeded glass for you:

Laminated cross ribbed glass
Laminated cross ribbed glass

We can also provide multiple cross reeded glass patterns:

Cross reeded glass patterns unique designs
Cross reeded glass patterns unique designs



Packing details:

strong plywood crates packing
Strong plywood crates packing.

If you have any similar projects, free samples are available! Welcome to contact us for a free quotation now!

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